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Ashworth College’s Floral Design Classes Connect in Vibrant Online Community

on Monday, 03 June 2013.

From wedding bouquets to beautiful table decorations, prom corsages to the vase in the window, flower arrangements are present at many significant parts in daily life. As a result, careers in floral design are highly coveted and in need. Ashworth College (, a leading online school, recognizes this importance and offers floral design classes  as well a floral design interactive group for students.

Ashworth's accredited floral design classes are among its most popular career programs. For this reason, the Floral Design Group in the Ashworth Community is often active with its 706 members -and counting. Also, as of May 2013, the group features 76 discussions in topics ranging from dried flowers to student success stories.

"Floral design jobs are available in a variety of career fields," said Ryan Rode, Interactive Services Manager for Ashworth College. "Creativity is important in this industry, but having professional training helps get your foot in the door. Ashworth's accredited Floral Design classes and Floral Design Group are ways to get the right skills and build a professional networking support system."

Ashworth has been educating working adults for more than 25 years. The Floral Design Group provides an interactive online resource that combines professional content and social networking opportunities for current and prospective students. Group members and visitors will find:

  • A network of motivated and engaged students and professionals who are willing to encourage others by sharing personal, professional and educational insights and successes.
  • Online study groups comprised of current students enrolled in a computer course. Members readily offer assistance with computer course lessons and provide moral support to group members.
  • Blogs about news stories, trends and tips for the floral design industry. Also, current students guest blog their success stories and ambitions with fellow readers.

Ashworth's Floral Design classes prepare you for a variety of career options. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 60,300 people will be employed in floral designer jobs by 2020.

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