Event Planning Course Curriculum

Complete your Event Planning course curriculum at your own pace with practical, easy to follow lessons. The excitement of event planning will come alive for you as you learn how to book hotels and catering, manage transportation, and ensure the satisfaction of every guest. These are skills you'll actually use on the job.

Program Description

Students will learn about the role and obligations of professional event planners and the techniques and processes used to design and execute a variety of family and work-related social activities based on client needs and input. The program provides instruction on the basic structure of popular life, social, and corporate events as well as the basic business and self-employment skills necessary to operate an event planning business.

Program Objectives

After completing the Event Planning program, students will be able to:

  1. Outline the role of the event planner and explain the importance of the interview process in determining the budget, size, and style of events.
  2. Identify the various events associated with event planning, including birthdays, silent auctions, religious celebrations, and showers, and describe the processes that must be followed to successfully schedule and plan these events.
  3. Describe the responsibilities associated with planning and organizing an event, including working with vendors and selecting venues.
  4. Summarize the important business considerations involved in running an event planning business, such as financial management, business planning, marketing, and staff considerations.

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