Sterile Compounding Course Curriculum

The Sterile Compounding course curriculum is real-world training developed by professional educators and licensed pharmacists. The curriculum is easy to follow and includes practical compounding guidelines that you will actually use on the job.

Program Description

The Sterile Compounding certificate program provides pharmacy technician students with an overview of the training requirements needed for the successful production of compounded sterile preparations. Students will learn about the compounding environment, necessary equipment, and common calculations. They'll cover large- and small-volume parenteral preparations; ampule-based, narcotic, and pediatric preparations; total parenteral nutrition; and chemotherapy preparations and procedures. Special focus is on aseptic technique, including personal garbing, gloving, and cleanliness procedures.

Program Objectives

After completing the Sterile Compounding program, students will be able to do the following:

  1. Identify the roles and procedures of pharmacy technicians as they relate to compounded sterile preparations (CSPs)
  2. Discuss the sterile compounding environment and identify commonly used supplies needed for the production of CSPs
  3. Perform dosage, basic formula, ratio and proportion, dimensional analysis, IV flow/drip rate, and alligation calculations related to the preparation of CSPs, and identify common pharmacy abbreviations, equivalents, and conversions
  4. Explain proper aseptic garbing, hand washing, and gloving procedures and the steps to follow when cleaning the horizontal laminar airflow hood
  5. Describe the resources and supplies, lab procedures, and USP Chapter <797> guidelines necessary for the preparation of large-volume parenterals, small-volume parenterals, ampule-based preparations, narcotic preparations, pediatric preparations, total parenteral nutrition solutions, and chemotherapy preparations

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