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Guyana resident wins 2013 ACCESS scholarship award and enrolls in Small Business Management Training

on Wednesday, 27 March 2013.

Ashworth College (, a leader in online education, selected Kevon Gittens from Georgetown, Guyana as a recipient of the 2013 ACCESS Scholarship.

The Ashworth College Continuing Education for Student Success (ACCESS) Scholarship program was developed by the online school and awards up to $25,000 annually to new and prospective diploma and degree students who are interested in pursuing their education online in one of Ashworth College’s 115+ diploma, degree and online certificate programs.

Gittens cofounded Four Degrees Information and Communication Technology after graduating from college. Although his dream was to run his own company, it became more challenging than he expected. For this reason, Gittens decided to enroll in the Ashworth College Small Business Management training to learn more.

"I believe the Gary Keisling ACCESS Scholarship for the Small Business Management program will help me to mobilize my team to its full potential and make Four Degrees a viable company that is capable of supporting our team as well as itself,” Gittens said. “I also believe that I can pass on the knowledge that I will gain to the entrepreneurs I mentor, helping them to avoid some of the pitfalls I have encountered."

The accredited Small Business Management program teaches students how to find the best locations for new businesses, understand hiring procedures, manage business cash flow and more. These lessons are designed to give students an advantage when entering the work force in their chosen career field.

"Education can take skills - and income - to the next level. We’re excited that through the ACCESS Scholarship program we can help create learning opportunities for those students needing something tailored to their specific situation or needs,” said Dr. Leslie Gargiulo, Ashworth College’s Chief Academic Officer. “The ACCESS Scholarship program has already proven to be an amazing opportunity for us to recognize deserving students and to help provide the educational foundation that will help set the course for their life ahead."

"The ACCESS Scholarship program was founded to honor Ashworth's late President and CEO, Gary Keisling's personal mission of opening the doors of education to the underserved education population of America. We're excited to present these scholarships," Dr. Gargiulo added.

About the Gary Keisling ACCESS scholarship program

Founded in 2011, the Gary Keisling ACCESS Scholarship program offers scholarships with a combined value of up to $25,000.

The ACCESS program honors the legacy of the online school's late Chairman of the Board, Gary Keisling, whose personal and professional mission was to offer affordable and accessible education to underserved populations who historically have had limited access to educational opportunities or an accredited diploma or degree.

For more than 25 years Keisling was regarded as an industry leader and advocate for continuing education. His influence on distance education will continue to benefit students for many years to come.

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