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Ashworth College Offers Professional Bookkeeping Certification

on Thursday, 15 January 2015.

Ashworth College (, has incorporated the National Bookkeepers Association Bookkeeping Certification Exam into its online Basic Accounting program and its new Bookkeeping program. Students are automatically eligible to take the online exam when they graduate, at no additional cost. Graduates who successfully complete the exam may add the NBA’s Bookkeeping Certification to their credentials. Use of the credential on a resume or business card provides evidence of training and skill to prospective employers or clients.

“Incorporating third party recognition, such as professional certifications, into our programs provides a real benefit to our students,” said Rob Klapper, President of Ashworth College. “Graduates want to stand out from the crowd and recognition by a reputable certifying agency can help them do that,” Klapper explained. “The National Bookkeepers Association is America’s leading provider of bookkeeping certifications. Once they receive their bookkeeping certification, our graduates will be well-prepared for the profession, whether they want to get a job or start their own practice.”

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The National Bookkeepers Association, founded in 2006 and based in Farmington, Utah, represents the needs of bookkeeping, accounting and tax professionals and is America’s leading provider of professional bookkeeping certifications.

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