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Ashworth College Offers Certified HVAC Training Course

on Tuesday, 07 May 2013.

Ashworth College, one of the leading accredited online colleges, now offers Heating and Air Conditioning training among its growing list of certified programs. Graduates of the course will be prepared to take the EPA Section 608 Certification exam. After successfully completing this exam, graduates will meet the federal government’s refrigerant handling qualifications necessary to working as residential and commercial air conditioner technicians.

As an aide to passing the exam, students enrolled in the Ashworth Certified HVAC Training receive a 12-page EPA Section 608 study guide issued by the ESCO Institute at no additional fee. A $75 voucher covering all or some of the cost of the core section as well as sections 1, 2, and 3 of EPA Section 608 Certification exam at the ESCO Institute is also provided to graduates.

In order to ensure the success of its graduates, Ashworth College ( developed its certified HVAC training online course to encompass the vital skills needed to work with heating and air conditioning units including how to install and troubleshoot valves, compressors, water chillers, thermostats and heat pumps. Students also learn to fix defective connections, controls and switches and adjust refrigerant levels.

"Men and women who have completed our HVAC online training course are fully prepared to pursue careers as building contractors, home improvement wholesalers or owners of heating and air conditioning franchises," said Dr. Leslie Gargiulo, Ashworth College's Chief Academic Officer. "The career opportunities are high for a certified HVAC technician with a diploma from an accredited school and certification from a renowned institute."

Dr. Gargiulo went on to cite U.S. Department of Labor statistics that project considerable employment opportunities for those with HVAC training. "There is expected to be a 34% increase in job opportunities in HVAC careers through 2020.  This means 90,300 careers for heating, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics and installers."

Ashworth's online certified HVAC online training course

The Ashworth College certified HVAC training online course is comprised of 19 specialized lessons designed to give students the necessary skills to succeed in their career as an HVAC technician. These lessons focus on key techniques such as how to:

  • Work with gas, oil and electric heat
  • Apply successful soldering and brazing techniques
  • Install and adjust head pressure control and hot gas bypass valves
  • Properly use the voltmeter, ammeter, and ohmmeter
  • Properly use the correct HVAC tools

As a leading online school, Ashworth builds its courses of study to fit the student's budget as well as personal and career goals. Students are able to start learning at any time and study at their own pace. Programs are extremely conducive to the working professional's schedule.

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