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Our Graduates Have Positive Outcomes

Ashworth College Gets High Grades From Graduates

Ashworth College aims to prepare students for successful careers and greater satisfaction in their future endeavors. Based on recent surveys, we are achieving these aims daily. Your career diploma, certificate or degree will help you succeed in the real world. Online education works!

Ashworth Grads Reach Their Goals

"I achieved or will achieve the goals I had when I started this program." 91%
"I am satisfied with the studies I received."   92%
"I would recommend these studies to a friend." 91%

Source: Survey of Ashworth College Career Program Graduates

Ashworth Grads Are Ready For Work

  • 77% of academic leaders rate the learning outcomes for online education as the same or superior to those for face-to-face methods.*
  • A recent poll of human resource managers showed that 79% of organizations have hired job applicants with online degrees in the last 12 months.**
  • 55% of human resources managers said that if two applicants with the same level of experience applied for a job, whether the job candidate’s degree was earned online or at a brick-and-mortar university would not make a difference.**

*Source: 2013 Survey of Online Learning, Babson Survey Research Group
** Source: Hiring Practices and Attitudes: Traditional vs. Online Degree Credentials, Society for Human Resource Management