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College Degree Faculty

The Ashworth College degree faculty have an impressive array of credentials and experience in online instruction. As college instructors, they ensure that our college programs are challenging and up to date, and are dedicated to assisting in your smooth progress to graduation.


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A ::

George Ackerman, J.D., M.B.A., Nova Southeastern University


Kevin Adu, M.B.A., Mercer University

Kevin has experience in managed care including working with HMOs, PPOs, Medicare and Medicaid, IPAs and PHOs. For many years he has held various marketing roles, including ownership of an independent consulting practice.

Specialty: Health Care Marketing


Simone Alexander, M.B.A., National University

Simone has 15 years of experience in the business world along with several years of experience teaching and developing courses in business, management, math and finance.

Specialties: Personal Finance; Mathematics


Jill W. Anderson, M.Ed., Clemson University, magna cum laude

Jill has taught kindergarten through fifth grade, and has led workshops on the multi-age classroom and using literacy centers.

Specialty: Early Childhood Literacy


Michele Arpin, M.B.A., Rollins College

Michele has more than 20 years of corporate management experience with special expertise in call center operations, events marketing and association management. She also has significant experience as a course author, curriculum developer and educator.

Specialties: Business Ethics; Business Communication; Marketing Management

B ::

Dennis Balsam, M.P.H., Emory University

Dennis is an experienced health educator with a broad background in managed care, new business development, strategic planning and healthcare operations. He is president of a healthcare financial services firm.

Specialty: Managed Healthcare


Richard Barrett, C.P.A., M.S., J.D., University of St. Francis

Richard has broad experience as an attorney, accountant and tax specialist and is currently the contract manager for a large hospital.

Specialty: Healthcare Economics and Finance


Kenneth Bausch, Ph.D., Saybrook Institute

Kenneth is a noted speaker, author and educator, bringing broad wisdom and a strong grasp of contemporary healthcare issues to the study of ethics.

Specialties: Healthcare; Human Resources


David Bean, Esq.

David has managed human resources for companies internationally, has practiced labor and employment law, and is a member of the Georgia and American Bar Associations.

Specialty: Labor Relations


Peter Bergevin, Ph.D., Arizona State University

Peter is a widely respected expert in accounting and finance. During his distinguished career he has been a college professor, authored books, articles and case studies, and lectured worldwide.

Specialties: Finance Statements; Accounting


Evan H. Bergwall, Jr., Ph.D., University of Notre Dame

Evan is vice president of an international marketing and consulting firm, a licensed psychologist and career planning consultant, and an experienced college professor.

Specialty: Business Ethics and Culture


Jack Bernard, M.S. in Public Administration, Georgia State University; Certificate in Health Policy, Planning and Regulation, Harvard University

Jack has held top executive positions with hospitals and health maintenance organizations. He is an expert in strategic planning and is widely published.

Specialty: Healthcare Politics and Policy


Nadia Blake, M.B.A., York University

Nadia has over ten years of experience as a mathematics lecturer and facilities engineer. She also has significant experience working as a project manager for a real estate development company.

Specialties: Engineering; Construction


Earl Boatwright, Ph.D., University of Arkansas

Earl founded two marketing research companies, has worked as a consultant, and is an experienced college professor and administrator.

Specialties: Management; Marketing


Norman Bottom, Ph.D., Claremont State University

Norman is an experienced graduate professor, business manager and international consultant on security matters. He has worked in several U.S. government intelligence agencies.

Specialty: Workplace Security


Hyacinth Broderick-Scott, Ed.D., Nova Southeastern University

Hyacinth is an accomplished human resources administrator whose innovative initiatives have helped healthcare providers improve efficiency and harmony in the workplace.

Specialty: Healthcare Human Resource Management


Billi Bromer, Ed.D., Nova Southeastern University

Billi is an experienced early childhood educator, focusing on children with special needs. She is involved with the Council for Exceptional Children.

Specialty: Exceptional Children


Jeanne E.D. Brown, M.Ed., State University of New York

Jeanne is an experienced adult educator and corporate trainer. She was the technical editor of an award-winning math textbook series focusing on educating adults.

Specialty: Accounting and Accounting Spreadsheets

C ::

Jim Cartsen, B.S.

Jim is a criminal justice professional with more than 27 years of public safety and leadership experience.

Specialty: Ethics in Criminal Justice


John Cascone, Ph.D., University of Georgia

John is a successful corporate executive who has taught graduate management courses. He is also an international management consultant.

Specialty: Medical Sociology


Russell Casey, Ph.D., Nova Southeastern University

Russell is an accomplished sales expert and is widely published in marketing and business journals. He has owned and operated two distributive franchises.

Specialty: Consumer Buying Behavior


Terry Cochran, B.A., Brenau University

Terry is a security consultant and private investigator as well as CEO of her own company. She sits on the board of directors as security advisor for an international medical/safety company. She has 27 years of experience in many security specialties and is a corporate and governmental consultant.

Specialty: Introduction to Security


Gloria Cockerell, M.A., University of Texas

Gloria has owned and operated a marketing and communications company. She is currently a professor of management, marketing and English.

Specialty: Introduction to Retailing


Tonya Collings Crombie, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi

Tonya consults with Fortune 500 and various public-sector clients in marketing, organizational development and project management.

Specialties: Survey Research; Leadership and Motivation


Kiara Crawley MA, HRD, Bowie State University

Kiara is a member of the Evolve Master of Human Resource Development Society. She is also a licensed social worker. Kiara has experience as a graduate assistant in the Master of Arts in Human Resource Development Program at Bowie State University. In addition to that she has worked as the Education and Employment Resources Coordinator at a women’s homeless shelter in Washington, DC for more than 4 four years.

Specialties: Human Resource Development; Social Work

D ::

Anthony Daniel, Ph.D., Walden University

Anthony has worked in the public sector for over 20 years as a manager at middle, upper and executive levels. He has managed large, complex organizations with an emphasis on security, operational management, leadership pipeline development and performance management.

Specialties: Criminal Justice; Security Management


Carl Davis, M.S., Georgia State University

During Carl's 23-year juvenile justice career, he served as a probation officer, clerk of court, and administrator of the largest juvenile court in Georgia.

Specialty: Juvenile Justice


Deann Deloney, BS, Southern Illinois University

Deann has more than 35 years of experience in the field of early childhood education. She has worked as a consultant for major childcare companies. She has presented various workshops across the country on topics such as promoting positive guidance, developing developmentally appropriate practices, and curriculum implementation.

Specialties: Early Childhood Education


Kelly Denzer, M.A., University of St. Thomas

Kelly has more than 15 years of museum and education experience with special expertise in Modern and Contemporary art. She has significant experience in Modern Art, and has presented her research on both American and Scandinavian Modern Art to international audiences.

Specialties: Ancient to Modern Art History; Film History; Contemporary Art


Paul Douglas, P.E., B.M.E., Georgia Institute of Technology

With more than 25 years of experience in engineering design and construction, Paul is a managing partner in a consulting engineering firm specializing in industrial facilities.

Specialty: Project Scheduling

E ::

Leo Eleuterius, M.B.A., Pepperdine University

Leo has been involved in residential, commercial and industrial construction projects, focusing on creating safe and healthy workplaces. He is currently a process safety engineer.

Specialty: Construction Safety, Planning and Administration


Gibson Ellison, M.S., Ed.S., Georgia State University

Gibson is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Masters Addiction Counselor (MAC). She has served as a helping professional, specifically in the field of addictions, for 13 years.

Specialties: Psychology; Sociology


Suzanne Erickson, Ph.D., University of Washington

Suzanne is an experienced finance instructor and college administrator who has also been a corporate finance consultant. She recently coauthored her first book, Raising Entrepreneurial Capital.

Specialty: Finance

F ::

Jennifer Faas, B.S., University of Georgia, magna cum laude

A recipient of the Georgia Teacher Promise award, Jennifer is an experienced first-grade teacher with particular interest in reading, language and literacy.

Specialty: Child Development


Sara Fine, M.S., Barry University

Sara has been an educational evaluator for the past 24 years. She has administered, scored and interpreted a variety of educational and psycho-educational assessments to students of all ages.

Specialties: Counseling; Education


Sheila Fleming, M.S., Florida State University

Sheila, an experienced college teacher, faculty advisor and curriculum designer, has also provided consulting services on marketing communication issues to businesses.

Specialty: Public Relations


Jennifer Fostino, Certified Permit Technician, BS, University of Phoenix

Jennifer has worked in the public sector for over seven years in the Development Services Department. She has managed residential and commercial development projects from the conceptual phase through the construction phase.

Specialty: Construction Management

G ::

Alfred J. Garrotto, B.A.

President of a print and software publishing company, Alfred is a published author, noted writer and editor, with success in developing distance-learning courses.

Specialty: Office XP


Ronelle Genser, M.A., State University of West Georgia

A successful worldwide sales manager and president of an international sales and marketing consulting firm, Ronelle is a noted speaker at corporate seminars and international trade associations.

Specialties: Sales; Marketing


Dean Gottschalk, B.S., University of Georgia

An A+ Certified Computer Technician, Dean has worked as a webmaster, Internet project coordinator, and in a variety of positions in the printing industry and graphics professions.

Specialty: Web Design


Valerie Grapshi, B.S. and B.S., Florida Atlantic University

Valerie is a reimbursement manager and certified medical coder. She has worked in nearly every medical specialty in a variety of business functions, with an emphasis on healthcare compliance.

Specialty: Medical Coding


John Graves, M.B.A., University of Central Oklahoma

John is a former Ashworth College Dean of Undergraduate Studies. He is also an experienced financial planning consultant.

Specialties: Accounting; Personal Finance; Income Tax


Keisha Gregory, MSHE, BSIT, Kaplan University

Keisha is a college professor in information technology and an expert in the field of computer science. She is currently working on her first doctorate of information technology with a specialization in assurance and security at Capella University. She has a passion for teaching and learning. In addition to teaching college courses, Keisha has had roles as a systems analyst trainer, university ambassador, and project manager.

Specialties: Information Technology; Computer Science


Bettye Griffin, PhD, Cappella University

Dr. Bettye Griffin has more than 20 years of experience in the field of education as an educator, administrator, and advocate from the private and non-profit sectors. For over five years, Bettye served as CEO of a non-profit organization she founded, C.E Williams, YMHCC, where she worked with state agencies to provide mental health services to underserved and underrepresented youths in California.

Specialties: Psychology; Security Management


Richard Grimes, M.S.M., Georgia Institute of Technology

Richard taught college accounting and economics for nearly three decades after retiring from 22 years of military service. He is an organizing director of a highly successful community bank.

Specialties: Macroeconomics; Microeconomics; Finance

H ::

Carol D. Hansen, Ph.D., University of North Carolina

Carol is a professor of human resource development (HRD) at a large research university in the southeastern United States. She teaches courses in organizational culture, intercultural organizational behavior, and the diagnosis of HRD interventions.

Specialty: International Human Relations Management


Deborah Hargis, Ed.D., Boston University

Deborah is the owner and principal consultant of a professional training, organization, development and consulting firm. She is an expert in curriculum design and management training.

Specialties: Strategic Management; Training and Development


Lois Harrison, M.Ed., Georgia Southern University

Lois is an experienced English educator who was honored with a Teacher of the Year award and two STAR teacher recognitions. She has edited professional manuscripts and developed higher education curricula.

Specialty: English


Brett Hart, M.P.A., University of Georgia

A Certified Jail Manager, Brett also holds certifications as a jailer, peace officer, departmental training officer, and police instructor.

Specialties: Corrections; Criminal Behavior


Melissa Hickman, DBA, Nova Southeastern University; MBA, Kennesaw State University; BBA, Shorter University

Melissa has been a college professor since 2001. She has taught various accounting and business courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. She has experience as state auditor, in the banking industry, and business consulting for various industries.

Specialty: Business Ethics and Accounting


LaVerne Williamson Hill, Ph.D., University of Georgia

LaVerne has been a professor of sociology and political science and is a recognized expert in the fields of criminal justice, criminology, family violence and juvenile delinquency.

Specialty: Criminal Justice


Tango R. Hill, Ph.D., Berne University

Tango is an innovative educator who has taught and worked in the fields of international business, political science, human resources, project management, career planning and defense security.

Specialties: International Business; Strategic Management


Paul Hoffman, Esq., Cumberland School of Law, Scholar of Merit

Paul is a member of the State Bar of Georgia. He recently served as a superior court case researcher and as a discovery supervisor for a class-action insurance fraud suit in Birmingham.

Specialties: Law; Legal Research and Writing


Michael K. Hooper, Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University

Michael is an expert in security, policing and criminal investigation, and is a member of the National Advisory Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Goals.

Specialty: Public Policy and Criminal Justice


Nicole L. House, J.D., Georgia State University College of Law

Nicole has worked as director of practice management and director of marketing for a law firm in Atlanta, Georgia. Previous to that, Nicole was a staff attorney in the Atlanta Regional Office of the Federal Trade Commission. Her experience also includes 12 years as a law firm administrator. She is a member of the State Bar of Georgia.

Specialties: American Government; Criminal Law and Procedure

J ::

Aileen Jackman, M.Ed., University of Oklahoma

Aileen is a Certified Child Life Specialist and a Certified Child and Parenting Specialist. She has nearly two decades of experience in infant and child mental health.

Specialty: Child Health, Safety and Nutrition


Bruce Johnson, D.B.A., Louisiana Tech University

Bruce is currently an assistant professor of accounting at Dakota State University in South Dakota where he teaches Accounting Principles, Intermediate Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Auditing, Accounting Systems, and Non-profit Accounting.

Specialty: Managerial Accounting


Wendell A. Johnson, Ph.D., Northwestern University

Wendell is a sociologist at the Emory University School of Medicine and is an expert in the study of white collar crime, gangs and community development.

Specialty: Corporate Crime


Victoria Johnston, Ed.D., Argosy University; M.Ed., Georgia State University

An elementary school teacher since 1989, Victoria is an independent educational contractor and a Teacher of the Year nominee.

Specialty: Early Childhood Movement and Music


Chyteal Jones, BS, Herzing University

Chyteal has focused the majority of her career in administration and training roles. She has an electrical certification in construction and maintenance and is a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). She also has her Construction Safety & Health for Workers certification from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Specialties: Construction Managment


Susan Smith Jones, J.D., University of Georgia, cum laude

Susan has been a licensed attorney since 1986. She has taught legal research and writing at Emory University, and continues to practice law on a contract basis.

Specialties: Tort Law; Civil Litigation

K ::

Brian Kelly, B.S., Iowa State University

Brian, a Master Investigator, owns a successful investigative agency. He has extensive law enforcement experience, serving as a deputy sheriff and homicide investigator, with particular interest in domestic violence cases.

Specialty: Criminal Investigation


Catherine Kelly, MBA, University of Central Florida; BS Marketing, University of Central Florida

Catherine has more than nine years of leadership experience in retail sales. She has worked with national retailers such as dELiA*s, Old Navy, and Nordstrom. She was awarded the 4th Quarter All-Star award at Nordstrom in 2012. She has also worked in Human resources. Catherine has consistently focused on training others throughout her retail career.

Specialties: Retail Managment; Marketing; Business Administration


Rick Klomp, M.S., Georgia State University

A licensed counselor, experienced corporate training and human resources consultant, and behavioral researcher, Rick has hired, oriented and trained thousands of individuals during his career.

Specialties: Human Relations; Training and Development

L ::

John Lamutt, P.E., B.S., University of Colorado, cum laude

A licensed engineer with extensive experience in all aspects of construction project management, John has been a company owner, land developer, and contractor. Projects have ranged from small subdivisions to multi-million dollar mass transit systems.

Specialty: Cost Estimating


Gayle R. Link, Ph.D., Stanford University

Gayle has broad experience in product development, manufacturing research, project management, risk-value chain analysis and organizational dynamics. She has worked as an independent consultant.

Specialty: Project Management


John E. Long, R.H.E., C.M.M.

John has more than 17 years of medical office management experience. Her areas of expertise include financial issues, marketing and personnel benefits associated with group practices.

Specialties: Medical Office Management; Medical Terminology; Health Records Management


Melissa H. Lorenz, M.Ed., Mercer University

Melissa is a certified early childhood educator and experienced elementary school teacher. She has led many workshops for teachers of young children.

Specialty: Early Childhood Guidance and Discipline


Sally Lozada, Ph.D., Cappella University

Dr. Sally Lozada has nearly 20 years of professional and academic experience primarily focused on higher education administration. Following time in the Peace Corps teaching English, Sally began her career as an Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs. Her administrative work at a public two-year college focused on quality orientation to ensure students got off to a strong start on their educational journey.

Specialty: English


James A. Lumpp, Ph.D., University of Missouri

James has taught college-level advertising and marketing for many years. As a consultant, he has assisted more than 200 clients, including Fortune 500 firms, in marketing, research, planning and more.

Specialties: Advertising; Marketing


Pat Lupica, M.S., University of San Diego

Pat is an instructor at the University of San Diego in the areas of Supply Chain and Operations Management, and is President of LNK Consulting, which is a value chain integration company.

Specialty: Retail Supply Chain Management

M ::

Rae Mang, RPh, University of Cincinnati

Rae is a registered Pharmacist, with twenty years of experience in pharmaceutical sales, marketing, and new business development. She is also a licensed secondary teacher in General Science and Health/Consumer Sciences.

Specialties: Biology, Chemistry


Loretta Maples, M.S., Rollins College

Loretta, a registered medical technologist, is a consultant for medical office management, specializing in lab administration, OSHA compliance and computerized billing.

Specialties: Medical Office Management; Medical Coding; Medical Terminology


Michael Marticek, DBA, Walden University; MBA, Strayer University

Michael has an array of management experience. He has held positions as an analyst for an aviation engineering firm, an operational supervisor for UPS, and a senior operational manager for an airline. He also owned his own website development and internet dial-up service company which he ran for several years before selling it. Michael’s has been teaching in higher education for three years.

Specialties: Business Administration; Finance


Matt Mashburn, J.D., University of Georgia, cum laude

Matt is a partner in a busy regional law firm focusing on real estate, secured financing and landlord/tenant law. He is a noted seminar speaker and college professor. While at UGA, he was a member of several academic honor societies.

Specialty:Real Estate Law


Martin McAuliffe, J.D., Suffolk University

Martin is an experienced criminal justice professor, criminal prosecutor, and defense attorney.

Specialty: Criminal Law and Procedure


Kathy McCollister, B.A., Columbus University

Kathy is a widely recognized educator who has presented more than 800 early childhood workshops throughout the United States. She has trained early childhood professionals for many years.

Specialty: Early Childhood Guidance and Discipline


Steven McNeel, Ph.D., University of Illinois

Steven has been teaching for more than 40 years. In addition, he has had a career in information systems development, marketing, and training.

Specialties: History; Geography


Ginger S. McRae, J.D., University of Georgia, summa cum laude

A noted speaker and expert on employment law, Ginger practiced law for nearly two decades. She currently provides employee practices consulting to businesses.

Specialty: Employment Law


Robert J. Meadows, Ed.D., Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University

Robert is a Certified Protection Professional, author and member of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, an international scholarly research association.

Specialty: Workplace Security


Victoria Miller, Ph.D., Georgia State University

Victoria is an experienced college marketing educator who has taught abroad. She has provided independent consulting services for growing companies, including spearheading marketing services for a successful fitness training business.

Specialty: Consumer Behavior


Stephen Moon, B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology; B.Arch., University of Kentucky

Stephen is an AIA-registered architect who has operated his own practice and worked for prestigious architectural firms. He is active in several civic and professional organizations.

Specialties: Construction Methods; Drawings and Specifications


Janaia Moore, M.S., P.H.R., Central Michigan University

Janaia has more than seven years of experience in the human resources profession. She is currently employed as an HR professional with Georgia State University and previously worked for the Michigan Department of Corrections-DeMarse Recruitment and Training Academy. She also held supervisory positions in the banking and retail industries.

Specialty: Human Resource Administration


Laura Jean Moriarty, Ph.D., Sam Houston State University

Laura is a widely published criminal justice author who has conducted extensive research in such topics as violent crime, juvenile justice, drug abuse and victimology.

Specialties: Survey Research; Criminal Justice


Candace Murray, B.A., Denver University

Candace is an experienced business leader who has worked with many high-profile companies.

Specialties: Speech Communications

N ::

Kristina Nelson, Ed.D., Northcentral University

Kristina has over 12 years experience as a faculty member at the post secondary level. She has taught and developed course for both ground and online institutions.

Specialty: Psychology, History and English


David M. Nemi, M.S., State University College of New York

David is a professor of marketing/retailing at Niagara County Community College where he is also the coordinator of the Retail Management Program. David is also a marketing/retail consultant with the Niagara Small Business Development Center, and sits on many boards from million-dollar corporations to nonprofit organizations.

Specialty: Retail Employee Management


Pat NeSmith, Ph.D., Georgia State University

Pat is an experienced college instructor who worked for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for ten years and is now an independent consultant for the federal office overseeing regional Head Start programs.

Specialty: Cultural Diversity

O ::

Gail Olmsted, M.B.A., University of New Haven

Gail is an assistant professor at Springfield Technical Community College in Massachusetts. She teaches courses in marketing, retailing, and entrepreneurship, and serves as the campus liaison for entrepreneurship and business development.

Specialty: Retail Loss Prevention


Tim Otte, M.B.A., University of St. Thomas

Tim has worked in the world of corporate finance for over 20 years. He currently provides financial consulting services to the retail and restaurant industries and is a former stockbroker.

Specialties: Finance; Banking; Investments

P ::

Judy Parker, M.B.A., American Graduate School of International Management

Judy is president/founder of Birch Associates, a business consulting company. For the past five years, she was the vice president of marketing at Optimum Health Enterprises.

Specialty: Retail Quality Management


Dwight Payne, J.D., Mercer University

Dwight, a practicing attorney, was formerly a uniformed patrol officer and police academy director and instructor. Now semiretired, he practices law for select clients.

Specialties: Terrorism; Cyber Security; Homeland Security; Public Safety


Shyreeta Peacox, MM, North Park University

Shyreeta is an experienced people and project manager with international corporations and higher education institutions. She is active in several nonprofit organizations.

Specialty: Business, Management and Organizational Development


Russ Pomrenke, M.A., University of Baltimore

Russ has 16 years of police experience. He was a police captain and the Legal Unit Instructor at a Police Academy. He is also a graduate of the FBI National Academy.

Specialty: Policing


James E. Potter, M.S., University of California

A former captain in the U.S. Air Force, James has taught college-level courses in computer information systems and has authored 16 tutorial books on popular software applications.

Specialties: Visual Basic; Database Processing; Systems Analysis and Design


Carl Price, M.S., Stephen F. Austin State University

Carl has more than 7 years of teaching experience in post secondary education. He also has experience as a geophysicist and motivational speaker.

Specialties: Mathematics


Lisa Prince, M.Ed., Georgia State University

Lisa has over 10 years of experience teaching and developing courses in psychology, philosophy, cultural diversity and English literature at the high school, associate and bachelor's levels.

Specialty: Psychology

R ::

Charles Randall, J.D., Duke University; M.Tx., Georgia State University

Charles is an attorney providing legal services to individuals and businesses. His practice has focused on regulatory compliance and product liability and, recently, tax-related matters.

Specialties: American Government; Business Ethics; Business Law


Bobby Ricks, Esq., J.D., University of Memphis

Bobby is a former FBI special agent and experienced law enforcement officer. He has taught college courses in law, criminal justice and security.

Specialties: Criminal Law; Criminal Procedure


Robert Rodriguez, Ph.D., Capella University

Robert is a well-known health industry executive and author. He has achieved success directing the marketing, finance, and business development functions for hospitals and other health-related firms.

Specialty: Healthcare


Kristiansson Roth, Ph.D., Ball State University

A licensed clinical psychologist and therapist, Kris has worked in outpatient, inpatient, consulting and industrial settings. Currently, he provides individual, group, family and couples psychotherapy and psychological testing.

Specialty: Psychology


Mark R. Rucks, M.S., University of Wisconsin

Mark is an experienced corporate human resource strategy consultant. He has successfully designed, developed and implemented compensation and benefits programs and policies for several Fortune 500 companies.

Specialty: Compensation and Benefits


Tracy Ryan, Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University

Tracy is a Fulbright Scholar who has taught and consulted on marketing issues internationally. As an author, her work on web research has been broadly published.

Specialties: Advertising; Consumer Behavior; Marketing Research

S ::

Amanda Sanchoo, MSCJ, University of Central Florida

Mrs. Sanchoo has five years of professional and academic experience focused on Criminal Justice and the education field. Amanda has also worked for the Teen Court system of Lake County, FL where she assisted with punishments for juvenile delinquents.

Specialties: Criminal Jusitce


Saleem Shah, M.S., Spertus College

Saleem is certified through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in the Multi-Hazard Safety Program for Schools, and holds various other certifications through the United Nations Disaster Training Program and the American Red Cross.

Specialty: Incident Command Systems


Ben Sharpton, M.S., Rollins College

Ben has vast experience in the management of human resources. He is also a noted expert in instructional design, delivery and facilitation.

Specialties: Healthcare; Human Resource Management


Carol M. Simons, Ph.D., Georgia State University

Carol is an experienced educator, author and behavior researcher and member of the American Psychological Association, American Educational Research Association Kappa Delta Pi.

Specialties: Human Growth and Development; Psychology of Personality


Brent Smith, Ph.D., Purdue University

Brent served two years in the U.S. Army as an instructor in the Department of Military Police Operations and taught a counter-terrorism course at the U.S. Army's Military Police School. He moved to the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 1981 where he served as professor and chair of the Department of Justice Sciences. In July 2003, Brent joined the faculty at the University of Arkansas.

Specialty: Security


Judith Smith, M.B.A., Ashland University

Over the past 35 years, Judith has divided her career between human resource projects and college instruction. Her many years of human resource supervisory responsibilities have been interlaced with teaching management and human resource courses at an Ohio business college, as well as at a branch campus of Ohio State University.

Specialty: Human Resource Management


Melanie St. Jean, Ph.D., Madison University

Melanie is currently a professor at Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island, teaching retail-related courses. She has worked for several retail organizations, along with many new start-up and independent retailers in the areas of sales, multilevel management, product development and buying.

Specialty: Retail Buying


Jim Street, Ph.D., University of Georgia

Jim has provided counseling services to individuals, married couples and families for almost 30 years. He is also an experienced college educator and has provided psychology-based management training to technology firms.

Specialty: Social Psychology


David R. Struckhoff, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University

Dr. Struckhoff, author of the book The American Sheriff, is a criminology professor, diagnostic sociologist, and consultant to the American Correctional Association.

Specialty: Investigating Difference


Cheryl Syrett, B.S., Indiana University

Cheryl is an experienced advertising agency media and account manager who has worked with many high-profile companies.

Specialties: Retailing; Integrated Marketing Communications

T ::

James Terrell, B.A., University of Georgia

A state-certified private security instructor and a state-licensed private investigator, Jimmy is currently the director of security for a property management firm that serves Fortune 500 clients.

Specialty: Private Security


Mary Lynn Thaxton, Ph.D., Georgia State University

As a psychological consultant, Mary Lynn focuses on mood disorders, addiction, gerontology, sexual abuse and spirituality. She has taught university classes and conducted over 40 workshops.

Specialty: Social Problems


Richard Thurman, MED, Concordia University; MBA, American InerContinental University

Richard Thurman has over 28 years of business experience primarily in financial services. Spending the majority of his career in banking operations, Richard was a successful reconciler, team leader, work coordinator and a consumer dispute supervisor. Richard was also instrumental in automating the consumer dispute process with the ResQue credit reporting on-line software. He has also written training manuals, conducted training workshops and managed a corporate move between states.

Specialty: Early Childhood Education


Edward Tomlinson, Ph.D., Ohio State University

Edward is a prolific author, lecturer and researcher in the areas of human resources and organizational management. He is also an experienced and respected college professor, recognized for his expertise in compensation issues.

Specialty: Compensation Management

V ::

Megan Vrono, EDS, Piedmont College

Megan’s academic experience predominantly focuses on teaching in an elementary setting. She has had many leadership roles and responsibilities throughout her career. Megan has chaired and co chaired a variety of committees: from identifying talented and gifted students to preparing professional development courses for other staff and faculty members. Megan was awarded Teacher of the Year 2010-2011 at Lake Forest Elementary in Atlanta, GA.

Specialties: Early Childhood Education

W ::

Gerard Waring, B.B.A., Hofstra University

Gerard retired as a Special Agent of the FBI after 26 years of investigative assignments involving violent crime, white collar crime, organized crime, and foreign counterintelligence.

Specialties: Criminal Investigation; Report Writing


Wendy Webb, J.D., Indiana University

Wendy has served as a staff attorney for a state attorney general's office, where she litigated thousands of cases. She has also worked at a litigation firm and trained legal assistants.

Specialties: Paralegalism; Law Office Management; Family Law


John Weimers, C.P.A., M.S., Roosevelt University

John is an experienced college professor and administrator. He has held executive-level management and marketing positions with international companies and is a C.P.A.

Specialty: Managerial Accounting


Bernice Werzberger, B.A., Queens College

Bernice is an author, illustrator, inventor and educator, with more than 25 years of professional teaching and classroom administration experience. She founded a company that develops interactive learning materials.

Specialties: Early Childhood Creative Expression and Play; Art and Creative Development


Ronald B. Whitten, M.S.W., University of Tennessee

Ronald, a retired professor emeritus, has 35 years of clinical and administrative experience in the behavioral health field. He is a licensed social worker and widely recognized behavior specialist.

Specialty: Abnormal Psychology


Mike Williams, B.A., Widener University, Certified TSA Trainer

Mike is a retired federal agent who worked in law enforcement for 18 years. As a certified Transportation Security Administration trainer, Mike has trained hundreds of security supervisors and screeners across the nation.

Specialty: Aviation Security


Omari Williams, MS, Webster University; BS, Bethune-Cookman University

Omari has been a commodities broker on Wall Street in New York City since 2008. Omari has traded commodity derivatives as a licensed Series 3 broker and has sold and merchandised physical commodities in the wholesale and retail markets.

Specialty: Commodity Trading/Sales


Kimberley Winfield, M.Ed., Kennesaw State University

Kimberley had the privilege of volunteering at both Mother Teresa's orphanage and the Mission of Mercy's school for sponsoring children in Calcutta, India. Her passion for working with children has also led her to teach gifted math and science; work with ESOL children; teach an inclusion class with special education students; and serve on a charter school's Curriculum Action Team for five years.

Specialty: Early Childhood Education

Y ::

Susan Yandel, M.S., Emory University

In the U.S. Air Force, Susan taught doctors, nurses and other medical professionals advanced cardiac life-support techniques. She has extensive experience as an RN and certified Family Nurse Practitioner.

Specialties: Anatomy and Physiology; Health Records Management


James Young, M.B.A., Ed.D.

James is a human resources administrator and educator.

Specialties: Organizational Behavior; Total Quality Management

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Luke Zakrzewski, P.E., B.S., University of Wisconsin

Luke, a licensed engineer and experienced surveyor, has served as the superintendent for multi-million-dollar water and wastewater construction contracts throughout the Southeast.

Specialty: Construction Surveying


Allan Zeitlin, J.D., New England School of Law

An experienced college professor, Allan is also a seasoned manager and human resources professional with vast experience in the design and administration of employee benefits, executive compensation and performance incentive planning.

Specialty: Employment Benefits; Staffing and Recruitment


Susan Zell, B.A., Salem State College

Susan has worked in the field of Montessori education since 1989. Her experience includes assistant teacher, directress, music teacher and director of admissions.

Specialty: Home, School and Community