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Ashworth College Tuition Comparison

Education On Your Terms

Paying for school is often one of the greatest hurdles many students experience; before, during and after graduation. Ashworth's mission is to remove the barriers that prevent students like you from getting the education you deserve. Our affordable online degree programs fit even the most modest budget. Some colleges require you pay a fee for just about everything including your books. At Ashworth College, the cost of your books and study materials is included in your tuition, so you'll never have to worry about extra fees; just one low, interest-free price!

How Ashworth College Can Help You Save!

An online tuition comparison of Ashworth College with other online schools quickly reveals our reasonable pricing. Why are our online degree programs so affordable? It's simple; our low, ZERO-interest monthly payments ensure that you'll graduate free and clear of school debt. We don't ask you to take out student loans; and that means no loan repayments and in the long-term, more money in your pocket.*

You deserve education on your terms! Enroll in Ashworth College today!

Associate Degree In Business

Ashworth College*
Associate of Science
University of Phoenix
Associate of
Kaplan University
Associate of Science**
Tuition & Fees
(including books/supplies)
$5,000 $24,500 $34,317
Loan Debt
($ amount borrowed)
$0 $21,529 $20,000
10 yr. Monthly
Loan Payments
$0 $247 $230
Total Interest Accrued
(6.8 % over 10 yrs.)
$0 $8,201 $7,619
Total Loan Repayment
(loan + interest over 10 yrs.)
$0 $29,730 $27,619

*Ashworth tuition is made in monthly interest-free installments prior to graduation.

**Student loan debt based upon the total per-semester/quarter minimum Stafford subsidized loan amount or taken from tuition and fee schedules published as of 8/1/12. Loan re-payment calculated at 6.8% interest over 10 years.