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Online Tax Preparation Courses

Career Diploma in
Tax Preparation

Online Tax Preparation courses are essential for starting a successful tax preparation business. We’ll teach you how to calculate and report income, exemptions, adjustments, deductions, credits, depreciation and more. Take the guesswork out of filing taxes for businesses and families!

  • Prerequisite: None
  • Study Method: Textbooks with Online Exams
  • Program Length: As few as 4 Months

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  What You'll Learn

Choose online tax preparation courses wisely. At Ashworth College, we cover the subject in detail. Everything you learn in our online Tax Preparation course is designed to help you solve tax filing problems and succeed in the real world. For instance, you’ll gain a solid grasp of...

  • Gross income and exclusions
  • Business expenses and retirement
  • Credits and special taxes
  • The latest tax preparation procedures

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Lesson 1: Learning at Ashworth  

The goals and values of Ashworth College; time management; creating a realistic weekly and monthly study schedule; the nature and purpose of assessments; how to study effectively to prepare for and take an online examination; developing the skill sets necessary for success in the twenty-first century.

Lesson 2: Concepts in Small Business and Self-Employment  

Evaluating your business idea; setting yourself apart from the competition; market testing; investment funding and donation funding; qualities of an entrepreneur; crowdfunding and angel investors.

Lesson 3: Career and Tax Overview and Filing Status  

An introduction to the career opportunities available for individuals having formal training in tax preparation, followed by instruction in the fundamentals of the U.S. tax system and a summary of the concepts of tax calculation for individuals based on their filing status.

Lesson 4: Income, Part 1  

The basics of determining taxable and non-taxable income from common sources such as compensation from employment and services, as well as interest, dividends and educational benefits.

Lesson 5: Income, Part 2  

This lesson continues instruction related to income calculation related to retirement contributions, distributions, and rollovers as well as annuities. Various forms of IRAs are reviewed as well as the taxability of social security and inheritance.

Lesson 6: Income, Part 3  

This final lesson on income deals with the monies earned from the sale or rental of real estate and monies earned as royalties on intellectual property. Detailed coverage is provided on the tax implications of selling a primary residence.

Lesson 7: Deductions, Part 1  

An introduction to the concept of tax deductions focusing on the common deductions allowed when itemizing on a return such as medical and dental expenses, taxes, interest, and charitable donations. Students also learn to determine when to itemize deductions instead of using a standard deduction.

Lesson 8: Deductions, Part 2  

Exploration of tax deductions allowed for different types of losses as well as for certain business expenses such as travel and entertainment. Personal exemptions are also covered as part of this important topic.

Lesson 9: Returns for Self-Employment and Small Business  

The unique tax rules and allowances for income related to the operation of a sole proprietorship or for the self-employed including medical and retirement plans, depreciation of business assets, and car/truck and office expenses.

Lesson 10: Tax Calculation, Payment and Filing  

This lesson covers the final stages of completing a typical tax return before filing including the calculation of tax due for the regular process and for Alternative Minimum Tax situations. Students will also learn to identify and apply tax credits, understand the requirements for tax withholdings and prepayment as well as review the IRS audit process.

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  What You Get

Tax preparation classes online are convenient and flexible. Start on your schedule, study at your own pace and get personal guidance as you need it. We’ve removed the obstacles so you can move ahead fast.

The online Tax Preparation course combines a balance of important theoretical concepts and practical application. Your tuition covers:

  • Detailed tax preparation textbook & study guides
  • Access to J.K. Lasser’s online Tax Resource Center
  • Career search & time management guides
  • Online, open-book exams
  • Dedicated academic support and tutoring
  • Participation in the Student Community
  • Career Services powered by CareerBuilder®

Graduates receive a handsome diploma and may attend our annual graduation ceremony. You’ll have confidence in your skills as you move toward filing taxes for individuals or sorting out taxes for a small business.

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