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Online Tax Preparation Courses

Career Diploma in
Tax Preparation

Online Tax Preparation courses are essential for starting a successful tax preparation business. We’ll teach you how to calculate and report income, exemptions, adjustments, deductions, credits, depreciation and more. Take the guesswork out of filing taxes for businesses and families!

  • Prerequisite: None
  • Study Method: Textbooks with Online Exams
  • Program Length: As few as 6 Months

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  What You'll Learn

Choose online tax preparation courses wisely. At Ashworth College, we cover the subject in detail. Everything you learn in our online Tax Preparation course is designed to help you solve tax filing problems and succeed in the real world. For instance, you’ll gain a solid grasp of...

  • Gross income and exclusions
  • Business expenses and retirement
  • Credits and special taxes
  • The latest tax preparation procedures

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Lesson 1: Opportunities in Tax Preparation  

An overview of the tax preparation profession; types of individual and business taxpayers; proper steps in completing tax returns; the Internal Revenue Code; filing status types; common tax forms and schedules; career opportunities.

Lesson 2: Gross Income & Exclusions  

The nature of gross income; interest and dividend income; alimony; awards, gifts, inheritances and scholarships; accident, life, and health insurance; meals and lodging; municipal bond interest; social security and employee fringe benefits; unemployment.

Lesson 3: Business Expenses & Retirement Plans  

Rental income and expenses; passive loss limitations; bad debts; inventories; individual retirement accounts; Keogh plans; other retirement plans; rollovers; net operating losses.

Lesson 4: Self-Employed & Employee Expenses  

Classifying deductions; travel expenses; the home office; entertainment; gifts; education; dues, subscriptions, and publications; clothing and uniforms; Schedule C.

Lesson 5: Itemized & Other Deductions  

Medical expenses; calculating interest and taxes; contributions; casualty, theft, and hobby losses; other miscellaneous tax deductions.

Lesson 6: Credits & Special Taxes  

Earned income; credits for elderly and disabled care, child and dependent care, foreign tax, targeted jobs, and disabled access; the individual alternative minimum tax; unearned income of minor children; community property.

Lesson 7: Accounting Periods, Methods & Depreciation  

Accounting periods; accounting methods; depreciation; modified accelerated cost recovery system; when to claim an expense; listed property; limitation on depreciation of certain automobiles; intangibles; related parties.

Lesson 8: Capital Gains & Losses  

Capital assets; holding period; calculating gain or loss; net capital; section 1231; casualty gains and losses; depreciation recapture; installment and personal residence sales; like-kind exchanges; involuntary conversions.

Lesson 9: Withholdings, Estimated Tax Payments, & Payroll Taxes  

Methods of withholding taxes; making estimated tax payments; how the FICA and FUTA taxes work; understanding the federal tax deposit system; tax reporting requirements for employers; when to use self-employment tax.

Lesson 10: Partnership Taxation  

The nature of partnership taxation; partnership formation; partnership income reporting; current distributions and guaranteed payments; tax years; transactions between partners and the partnership; limited liability companies; the at-risk rule.

Lesson 11: The Corporate Income Tax  

Corporate tax rates; capital gains and losses; special deductions and limitations; Schedule M-1; controlled groups; filing requirements and estimated tax; S corporations; corporate formation; accumulations; the alternative minimum tax.

Lesson 12: Tax Administration & Tax Planning  

The Internal Revenue Service; the audit process; interest and penalties; the statute of limitations; tax practitioners; electronic filing; the taxpayer bill of rights; understanding tax planning.

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  What You Get

Tax preparation classes online are convenient and flexible. Start on your schedule, study at your own pace and get personal guidance as you need it. We’ve removed the obstacles so you can move ahead fast.

The online Tax Preparation course combines a balance of important theoretical concepts and practical application. Your tuition covers:

  • Detailed tax preparation textbook & study guides
  • Income Tax Factbook
  • Career search & time management guides
  • Online, open-book exams
  • Dedicated academic support and tutoring
  • Participation in the Student Community
  • Career Services powered by CareerBuilder®

Graduates receive a handsome diploma and may attend our annual graduation ceremony. You’ll have confidence in your skills as you move toward filing taxes for individuals or sorting out taxes for a small business.

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