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Medical Billing Course

Career Certificate in
Medical Billing

Earn your Medical Billing Certificate online at Ashworth College on your terms. With our medical billing certificate course you’ll be on your way to your dream career. Enroll today!

  • Prerequisite: None
  • Study Method: Textbooks with Online Exams
  • Program Length: As few as 3 Months

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Payments as Low as
$34 Per Month

  What You'll Learn

With your Medical Billing Certificate, you’ll gain a solid understanding of health policies, the processing of public and private health insurance claims, medical coding and reimbursement issues. When you graduate, you will be ready to advance in your current job or explore a new career path. Enroll now!

The lessons in the Medical Billing Certificate course are challenging yet easy to follow, designed to prepare you to apply what you learn in the real world. Key topics include…

  • Health insurance policies
  • Medical coding reimbursement issues
  • Processing insurance and managed care claims
  • Regulatory considerations
  • CPT and ICD-10-CM coding procedures
  • Medicare/Medicaid

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Orientation to Online Learning (online)  

This lesson introduces you to online learning, with instruction on how to be successful as an Ashworth student. You’ll learn proven study skills, find out how to take advantage of different learning styles, and discover time management techniques. The lesson also includes a guide to career opportunities plus supplementary readings.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Health Insurance & Managed Care  

An introduction to health insurance and managed health care programs.

Lesson 2: The Insurance Claim and Regulatory Considerations  

An overview of the development of a health insurance claim in the health care provider's office and the major steps taken in the processing of that claim by the insurance company.

Lesson 3: Completing the CMS-1500 and Commercial Claims  

The universal instructions you must consider before entering data on the CMS-1500 claim. You will also learn billing guidelines for inpatient medical, inpatient/outpatient global surgery, medical/surgical and minor surgery, and the maintenance of a provider's insurance claim files.

Lesson 4: Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans  

The history and function of Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) health insurance plans, the features of BCBS basic benefits, and the typical services found in major medical coverage.

Lesson 5: Medicare  

An introduction to the two major parts of the Medicare program, explain eligibility criteria, the Medicare Fee Schedule, and how to correctly fill out an CMS-1500 claim.

Lesson 6: Medicaid  

An explanation of eligibility for state-administered Medicaid under federal guidelines, the services covered under the federal portion of the Medicaid program, the services provided and paid for by state coverage, and the steps required for obtaining preauthorization for services.

Lesson 7: TRICARE and Workers' Compensation  

An introduction to the government programs for the uniformed services and the proper procedures for filing Workers' Compensation claims.

Lesson 8: ICD-9-CM Coding  

The procedures for coding diagnoses on the insurance claim form and using the ICD-9-CM manual.

Lesson 9: CPT Coding  

The guidelines for coding procedures and services rendered to patients by health care providers.

Lesson 10: HCPCS and CMS Reimbursement Issues  

An introduction to te HCPCS (HCFA Common Procedural Coding System), the procedure/service coding reference developed by HCFA and how to code using various types of documents. You will also learn about CMS Reimbursement methodologies and systems.

Lesson 11: Coding for Medical Necessity  

The skills and knowledge necessary to code from patient medical records.

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  What You Get

Earn your Medical Billing Certificate online and on your terms. Start when you’re ready, study at your own pace and get personal guidance as you need it. We’ve removed the obstacles so you can move ahead fast.

The Medical Billing certificate course provides everything you need to succeed as a student. Your tuition covers:

  • Comprehensive textbook & study guides
  • ICD-10-CM 2013 and Current Procedural Technology
  • Online, open-book exams
  • Dedicated academic support and tutoring
  • Career search and time management guides
  • Participation in the Student Community
  • Career Services powered by CareerBuilder®

Graduates receive a Medical Billing Career Certificate and may attend our annual graduation ceremony. Use the skills you learn as a stepping stone to career advancement or to pave the way toward a new career path.

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It’s easier than ever to get ahead. Start your Medical Billing Career Certificate course today. Speak with an Admissions Advisor at 1-800-957-5412 or enroll online now.