Psychology Certificate Program Curriculum

The Undergraduate Psychology Certificate program includes a combination of fundamental courses and career-focused electives. Each college-level course is developed with the input of professionals to ensure you learn practical skills to help you succeed in the real world.

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Required Course

S01 - Introduction to Psychology I  

This is an introduction to the study of psychology, including psychological research, biology and behavior, and the relationships between the environment and behavior. The course also covers neurons, hormones, and the brain, body rhythms and mental states, sensation and perception, learning and conditioning, and behavior in social and cultural contexts.
Credit Hours: 3

S02 - Introduction to Psychology II  

This course is a continuation of Introduction to Psychology I. This course explores thinking and feeling, the developing person, and health and disorders. Also covers emotion, motivation, theories of personality, development over the life span, and approaches to treatment and therapy.
Credit Hours: 3


S03 - Human Growth and Development I  

This is an in-depth look at physical, cognitive and psychosocial development from birth through middle childhood. In this course, the student will discover how the complex processes of heredity, environment, and maturation interact to create the varied and unique human beings that we become. The student will also learn about the theories and research methods used to study people of all ages and cultures.
Credit Hours: 3

S04 - Human Growth and Development II  

A continuation of Human Growth and Development I, this course covers physical, cognitive and psychosocial development from adolescence through late adulthood and death.
Credit Hours: 3

S05 - Social Problems  

This course invites you to look at problems of poverty, urban sprawl, and white-collar crime, among others, as determined and resolved at a societal level. The course places an emphasis on sexual variance, alcohol and drugs, crime and delinquency, violence, poverty, family problems, physical and mental illness, war, population, aging, urban problems, and environmental destruction.
Credit Hours: 3

S06 - Social Psychology 

This course is an introduction to the behavior of individuals as members of the larger society, with emphasis on beliefs, judgments, attitudes, conformity, persuasion, group influence, prejudice, aggression, intimacy, altruism, conflict, peacemaking, and practical applications.
Credit Hours: 3

S07 - Abnormal Psychology  

In this course, we will examine the contributions of sociocultural, psychological, and biological forces in an attempt to understand our own and other's behaviors. The course places particular emphasis on classification, treatment, and assessment of various disorders, including anxiety disorders, sexual disorders, mood disorders, schizophrenia, personality disorders, substance related disorders, eating disorders, and impulse control disorders.
Credit Hours: 3

S08 - Psychology of Personality  

In this course, you will learn about factors shaping personality, including biological (genes and evolution), intrapsychic (factors within the mind that influence behavior, thoughts, and feelings), dispositional (aspects of personality that are stable over time and relatively consistent), cognitive and experiential (perceptions, thoughts, feelings, desires, beliefs, and other conscious experiences), social and cultural (social institutions, social roles and expectations, and relationships), and adjustments to life’s events.
Credit Hours: 3

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