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Our Computer Science undergraduate program curriculum

By combining fundamental courses with a selection of career-focused electives, our Computer Science undergraduate program curriculum is designed to provide both the chance to hone essential skills and the freedom to choose a specialization.

From computer hardware management and database processing to website design and MS Office applications, students graduate with a sense of the direction they want to take their careers—and credits—to transfer toward a more advanced degree if they choose to do so.

Required course

K01 - Windows Operating Systems  

This course provides a full exploration of how Microsoft Windows affects the PC desktop and works with files, disks, data, and applications. Topics include personalizing your computer, printers and hardware devices, the Internet and networking, network security, and troubleshooting techniques.
Credit Hours: 3

Course electives

K02 - MS Office Applications I  

This course is designed to help the student get started in the world of computing. Students will learn about similarities among Office applications and will focus on Word and Excel, the word processing and spreadsheet programs included in Microsoft Office.
Credit Hours: 3

K03 - MS Office Applications II  

In this course, students will focus on Access, PowerPoint, and Outlook, which respectively are the database, presentation, and e-mail/scheduling programs included in Microsoft Office. PowerPoint is a graphics and audio-visual application and is the most visual and creative of the Microsoft applications. Access is a database system for retaining and using essential information, and Outlook is an e-mail program used for sending and receiving messages.
Credit Hours: 3

K04 - Computer Hardware Management  

This is the first of two courses designed to train students in the personal computer maintenance skills tested by the A+ certification exam. Students will study the characteristics of motherboards, memory, drives, and other components, and learn basic troubleshooting techniques. The course will not only provide the information necessary to pass the certification test, but give you the confidence to work on and troubleshoot your own computer.
Credit Hours: 3

K05 - Computer Software Management  

This course provides instruction for installing, maintaining, and servicing IBM-compatible personal computers. The Windows operating system is discussed at length, as are networks and the protocols and hardware that allow it all to work together. Other topics include tools and computer based commands that can assist in troubleshooting basic network problems, how to address software related computer problems, and wireless technology.
Credit Hours: 3

K06 - Local Area Networks  

The course opens with discussion of the OSI model as a guideline to building a network. The course continues with discussion of installing a physical network, TCP/IP applications, networking devices, network cabling and topology, Ethernet basics, configuring firewall rules, solving connectivity issues, and how to install and configure a router successfully.
Credit Hours: 3

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