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Healthcare Compliance graduate certificate curriculum

In our Healthcare Compliance Graduate Certificate program curriculum, you’ll learn how HIPAA compliance, technology, business law, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and suppliers affect healthcare industry ethics, methods, and risk management. Before you dig into the details, a short orientation course refreshes your skills and introduces you to resources that will help you complete the program successfully.


MH600 - Orientation  

This non-credit orientation is a foundation-building experience that introduces and refreshes the skills necessary for success in your Graduate Certificate Program. You'll learn how to navigate ProQuest, Ashworth College's online library, and review the distinguishing characteristics of academic journals and other publications. Internet research skills are polished enabling you to identify credible and unbiased Web sites for your research. Emphasis is placed on submission requirements, project structures, and writing formats used throughout your coursework, and APA writing style. The final portion of this course provides you the opportunity to research and explore the various career fields in the world of Health Care Administration.
Credit Hours: non-credit

MH621 - HIPAA Compliance  

Presents an overview of the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules and details the compliance tasks, training, and technology needed to implement privacy and security policies. It covers the most recent regulations and standards, implementation cost considerations, covered entity issues, and guidelines for creating a HIPAA-compliant infrastructure. Special attention is paid to recent updates in HIPAA regulations, including the HITECH Act and the Omnibus Rule.
Credit Hours: 3

MH651 - Ethics in Health Care  

This course is designed to examine the issues involved in ethical decision making within the medical community. Various historical ethical theories are examined and critical thinking methodologies are applied to ethical case studies throughout the course. Current ethical debates surrounding health care issues are evaluated in light of the student's critical thinking about ethical theory.
Credit Hours: 3

MH622 - Healthcare Compliance 1  

Provides an overview of the laws and regulations with which all healthcare organizations must comply. Course topics include the False Claims Act; fraud and abuse; antitrust; federal income tax; HIPAA and HITECH; Safe Harbors; Advisory Opinions; Special Fraud Alerts; corporate integrity agreements; compliance officer roles, responsibilities, and qualifications; internal investigations; repayments and disclosures; compliance training and education; and auditing and monitoring.
Credit Hours: 3

MH623 - Healthcare Compliance 2  

This course provides an overview of the laws and regulations with which all healthcare organizations must comply. Course topics include compliance risks and requirements for hospitals, physician practices, nursing facilities, long-term care facilities, hospices, home health agencies, clinical laboratories, ambulance providers and suppliers, third-party billing companies, Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAOs), pharmaceutical manufacturers, durable medical suppliers, and research facilities.
Credit Hours: 3

Tools for career wellness

Your Healthcare Compliance Graduate Certificate may be a single step toward specialization or one of many toward completing a higher degree. Either way, our tools for job search prep can help you communicate your skills effectively and reach your career goals. Use them to sharpen your professional image as soon as you enroll and long after you graduate. Visit our Career Services page to learn more.