Computer Programming Program Curriculum

Program Under Redevelopment - Currently Not Taking Enrollments

Our Computer Programming program curriculum will teach you key concepts such as data/values representation, type conversion and the application of operators, controlling flow, member inheritance, functions and arrays, as well as scripting and listening requirements. This is real-world training to help you start a programming career. You can start today!

Program Description

Students will learn essential web-based programming skills associated with the JavaScript programming language. The program includes both beginner and advanced concepts for JavaScript programing, including operators and statements, core APIs, methods and encapsulation, class design, and exceptions. Students gain hands-on experience using virtual networked equipment within the content's Live Lab virtualized environment.

Program Objectives

After completing the Computer Programming program, students will be able to:

  1. Understand JavaScript structure and the techniques required to control flow with loops.
  2. Understand the fundamental features of web-centric programming, include objects, inheritances, functions and arrays.
  3. Apply basic business concepts to programming logic to produce JavaScript solutions for workplace technology development.
  4. Create basic software programs and applications using JavaScript.
  5. Understand the concepts and processes necessary to create and apply custom JavaScript objects.

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