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Stress is Bad for Students—Here’s How to Beat it

Written by Ashworth College on Wednesday, 06 February 2019. Posted in Life Hacks

Stress is bad for students—here’s how to beat it

Most of us know that too much stress is bad for our health. But students especially seem to feel the effects, both psychologically and physically. Below is a list of common stressors and their physical side effects. Learn to recognize these signals so you can be aware of your health and know when it’s time for rest and relaxation.

Headache – stress can cause muscle contractions in your neck or head that create tension headaches.

Mood swings – often angry or irritable.

Break outs – stress can release a hormone called cortisol, which increases oil production on your skin.

Chest pains – stress can trigger high blood pressure by producing extra adrenaline and cortisol hormones. This can create an increased heartbeat, blood clots, or chest pain called angina.

Upset stomach – stress can activate your fight or flight response, which can create gastrointestinal problems.

Weight gain/loss – increased cortisol levels can suppress your appetite or turn overeating into a habit. Spiked cortisol can lead to higher insulin levels, which makes your blood sugar drop. This might explain your cravings for sugary, fatty foods.

Restlessness/insomnia – sleep and stress are a vicious cycle. A sleep-deprived body creates more stress hormones, which in turn makes sleep harder to achieve. On the other hand, some people react to stress by excessive sleepiness.

Fortunately, studying at Ashworth College can help alleviate some of the stress in your life when it comes to school. An online, flexible school, our programs can be done when you’re ready. Our courses are self-paced, with no start or end date and no deadlines. On days or weeks when life is chaotic, you can opt to lighten your study load—and your stress level.

Also, once you recognize you’re stressed, it’s important to take action. Check out these 40 tips for students to fight stress!

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