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Why Parents are Returning to School to Earn Online Degrees - Infographic

Written by Ashworth College on Thursday, 27 July 2017.

Why Parents are Returning to School to Earn Online Degrees - Infographic

If you’re a parent who is thinking about returning to school, you’re in good company. The increasing availability of online learning programs is making it easier and more affordable for adults with families to take on the additional responsibility of earning a degree. To learn more about why parents are enrolling in online degree programs, check out the infographic.

Why parents are returning to school

  • Are you a parent who is considering going back to school to earn a degree?
  • You are not alone.

As alternative forms of learning, including online degree programs, become more prominent, more parents are making the decision to go back to school. Increased flexibility, lower costs, and the growing demand for an educated workforce are all factors that have spurred adults to take on school in addition to taking care of their family, working full-time, and managing other responsibilities.

By the numbers: Parents returning to school

  • 4.8 Million Undergraduate students are parents
  • 46% of undergraduates enrolled in online programs are parents
  • 57% live at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty line.
  • Of all students 71% are women and 29% are men.

Why do parents go back to school?

  • Acquire skills for a better job
  • Maintain job security in their current position
  • Attain personal fulfillment
  • Set a good example for their children

Online Education as a solution for parent students

Of all online students:

  • 90% feel their experience with online learning was as good as or better that traditional classroom study.
  • 77% Fee online learning increases their engagement in their coursework.
  • 71% of students believe that online learning provides increased flexibility to take classes.

Steps to take before enrolling:

  • Find an accredited college
  • Choose a program that fits your career goals
  • Look for a program that’s flexible
  • Speak with an advisor from the school
  • Ask about tuition reimbursement at work
  • Apply for scholarships
Why Parents are Returning to School to Earn Online Degrees - Infographic

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