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What will a Master’s in HR do for you?

Written by Ashworth College on Thursday, 27 December 2018. Posted in Career

What will a Master’s in HR do for you?

In today’s competitive jobs market, employers more often look for management candidates with advanced degrees. Earning a master’s degree requires time and effort, but you don’t need to sacrifice convenience. Completing a master’s in human resources course online can help you:

  • Pursue C-suite positions
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Demonstrate your commitment to professional growth
  • Enhance knowledge that’s specific to your specialty
  • Provide a sense of personal accomplishment

Let’s examine each of these benefits more closely.

1. Position you to pursue executive positions

More and more companies have elevated human resources management to the C-suite by creating positions like “Chief Human Resources Officer” or “Vice President of HR.” When hiring for those positions, businesses tend to look for candidates with many years of experience – and a master’s degree in human resources. Earning a master’s in HR puts you one step ahead of candidates with only a bachelor’s degree or a certificate. If you envision a top-tier position in your future, the time may be right for you to go back to school. A human resources course online represents one affordable, convenient option for you to consider.

2. Increase your earning potential

In employment generally, more education usually equals a higher salary, and this certainly holds true in the world of human resources. According to, a top human resources executive can earn around $245,000 per year, and about 44% of those earning such a salary hold a master’s degree. By comparison, a mid-career human resources manager (most of whom hold a bachelor’s degree) earns far less: around $101,000 per year. Investing in a master’s of HR clearly can pay real financial dividends.

3. Demonstrate your commitment to professional growth

Many businesspeople understand the value of professional growth. They often join associations with the specific goal of attending conferences to stay abreast of industry trends or to maintain their certifications. And employers look for this type of professional commitment in their top managers. Obtaining a master’s degree in human resources carries your commitment one step further and demonstrates how much you value education as part of a lifelong learning process.

4. Enhance knowledge that’s specific to your specialty

In the past, many human resource professionals who wanted to advance their education obtained a broad-based master’s of business administration (MBA) degree. For many people, getting an MBA makes perfect sense because it covers a range of business administration topics, like strategic management and general business law. But for a specialized field like human resources, pursuing a master’s program that’s focused on your niche would seem to hold more value. A high-quality human resources course online (or otherwise) will include an occupation-specific curriculum that includes topics like:

  • Legal issues of employment
  • Compensation management
  • Staffing and recruiting
  • Workplace security

You won’t find HR-specific courses like that in most general MBA programs, so it makes sense to invest your time and effort in a degree program with content that’s directly relevant to your job functions.

5. Provide a sense of personal accomplishment

You can probably count all the ways earning an advanced degree might improve your work life. Additional education can enable you to do your job better and help employees more, which would probably increase your job satisfaction. But beyond the career value of a master’s in human resources, earning that degree can provide an immense sense of personal accomplishment. Setting a goal and working methodically towards it – and then walking that stage to receive your degree as your spouse, children, parents, and friends applaud – well, it’s a feeling you’ll remember forever.

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