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What learning style is right for you?

Written by Ashworth College on Friday, 30 September 2016. Posted in Career, Online College

What Learning Style is Right for You?

One of the best things any teacher could have done for any of us is to help us understand our learning styles. Many people learn things in different ways that make them unique from others. If only teachers could realize this as they attempt to teach entire classrooms. The edict to “know thyself” has never been truer than knowing your learning style!

As an adult, understanding your dominant learning style will assist you tremendously in learning your degree content to help you in your career. In addition to that, we trust you will discover how online learning actually caters to the three types of learning styles discussed here. Technically, there are seven and all of us have a mix of each. We will cover the three called seeing, hearing and doing.

Visual learning

A visual learner is just that, very visual. They tend to want to use pictures, images, or diagrams, and are definitely spatial in their learning. The more they are able to visualize the content the better! To this type of learner, a picture really is worth a thousand words! They will get more out of seeing a movie about a subject than listening to a lecture. Maybe that is why YouTube became so popular. A great sculpture can speak volumes. With online learning, there are plenty of videos both in the course and in the research that the thirst for visual aids will certainly be met.

Auditory learning

Music, lectures, radio or anything with a sound that you can simply listen and learn! You will thrive on group discussions and may consider using repetition as a means to enhance your learning. In fact, a great lecturer is probably an auditory learner as they always say how much they learned from their own speeches. With online learning, there are enough audio recordings or downloadable PDFs that can be read verbally out loud. This is why some people seem to do well and never appear to read the textbook.

Tactical learning

Also known as Kinesthetic Learning, this is the “hands on” approach. While the other styles can understand by simply reading instructions or watch a video, tactile learners learn by working hands-on with the content. You need to touch it, move it, build it, draw it or assemble it. This is how you learn best. How would you do this online? Pull it off the screen, go out and do it as field work and then bring it back into the class or individual report. There was supposedly a story about some WWII officer standing around a table on a map, trying to find the best place to get their troops and tanks across the river. General George Patton comes in dripping wet and points to the exact place where it was most conducive to the crossing. Definitely a tactical learner!

If you are a busy adult, you may consider taking the affordable online courses at Ashworth College, no matter what your learning style is.

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