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You loved our Tax Preparation course, what’s next?

Written by Ashworth College on Thursday, 31 August 2017. Posted in Career

You Loved Our Tax Preparation Course, What’s Next?

Through your tax preparation course at Ashworth College, you learned everything needed for the National Bookkeepers Association Tax Certification Exam. This affordable online college course trained you to become a professional Tax Preparer. You have a great start to a career in business! The tax prep course grew your love of numbers and problem solving. Now you're ready for more!

As you know, all of the online college programs at Ashworth College are affordable and filled with lessons designed to boost your knowledge and value on the job market. Whether you want to study finance more deeply, start your own company, better understand the flow of money, or simply continue learning, Ashworth College has career diplomas designed for you. You can complete each one at a pace suited to your learning style. Tuition includes certification exam fees (a value of up to $150) so you can afford to develop your expertise.

Programs that complement the Tax Prep course


Our online accounting course prepares you to work with financial records. You will learn how to credit accounts, handle payroll, and analyze financial statements. Zip through in as little as four months, or take your time! Earning this career diploma prepares you for the National Bookkeepers Association Bookkeeping Certification Exam. If you feel you have found your niche with our accounting training online program, you can earn your associate's degree online through our Associate Degree in Accounting Online program, too.


Management of financial records is a key component of a successful business. The Ashworth College bookkeeping certification online program trains you for work with money-making or money-monitoring teams. This course prepares you for the National Bookkeepers Association (NBA) Uniform Bookkeeper Certification Exam. You'll learn accounting basics, analysis, verification and posting of financial data. Our flexible online college format lets you study for your bookkeeping certificate as fast as you like.


A company with employees needs payroll. The Ashworth College Payroll Clerk training course prepares you to manage this important component of many businesses. This accredited online program prepares you for the National Bookkeepers Association (NBA) Payroll Certification Exam. You'll learn how to track and execute payroll and how to manage benefits, payroll taxes and tax remittances.

Of course, you can start your career as a tax preparer with the Tax Prep Course. But with these additional courses, you can also work as a bookkeeper, payroll clerk, or start your own business with a better understanding of finance. Whatever you need, Ashworth College is here to help you achieve your goals and make your dreams come true with flexibility and affordability.

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