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Make your college graduation a day to remember

Written by Ashworth College on Friday, 27 July 2018. Posted in Life Hacks

Make Your College Graduation A Day To Remember

Your graduation from Ashworth College is a momentous occasion. As an educational milestone, earning your online college degree should be one of the most wonderful and memorable events of your life. But mishaps can crop, turning your excitement into a series of annoyances. Try to avoid disappointment with tips from some of our past graduates:

  1. Try on your cap and gown before graduation day. Make sure it all fits, there are no snags or pulls, and the gown is the right length. Try on the shoes you’ll be wearing at graduation with it. This way if it’s too long, you can have extra time to get it hemmed.
  2. Wear the proper clothing. Ashworth College graduation day is a long one! We give everyone time to take photos, socialize, and rehearse with a complete run-through of the ceremony. Metro Atlanta in August is usually hot, so this tip boils down to wearing cool, lightweight clothing. But even though you’ll be wearing your graduation gown over your clothes, don’t dress too casually. It's a day to celebrate, so you should want to look your best.

    Many women choose to wear a comfortable dress or skirt. Choose dress shoes that allow you to walk comfortably and naturally. Avoid sandals, sneakers, and any shoes you haven’t broken in yet or that you might trip over as you walk up the steps to the stage.

  3. Charge up your phone before arrival. You may want to take lots of photos so before you leave home or your hotel room, charge up that phone. It’s a good idea to bring a charger with you to the graduation ceremony, too, just in case.
  4. Hit the restroom before the proceedings. The Ashworth College graduation ceremony involves hundreds of graduates. This means you’ll be standing in line as you march with other grads to your seat, sitting for a while before your name is called to come up to the stage and receive your honors, and waiting at your seat while the rest of the grads are called.
  5. Wear your cap and tassel correctly. How to wear a graduation cap properly has stymied more than one graduate. Here’s how it works:

    • Stretch the cap and lay it directly on top of your head. The front tip of the mortarboard (flat part atop the cap) should be angled centrally on your forehead with the tag and elastic band centered at the back. (See tutorial here)
    • Smooth out any tangled strands within the tassel.
    • Loop the tassel around the button at the top of the mortarboard.
    • The tassel should drape down the right side of your cap during the ceremony. At the finale, move the tassel over to the left to symbolize your graduation.
    • If you are earning a master’s degree or above, your tassel should remain on the left side throughout the commencement.

    You may wish to personalize your cap by attaching something that is meaningful to you. Decorate it as you would like. Some people attach glitter or write a unique message on it. Just be sure the cap is securely attached to your head so it won’t fall off.

  6. The toss. Some students like to toss their caps into the air at the very end of the commencement ceremony as an expression of joy—and possibly relief. We’ll leave that up to you!

One final thought: Take time to appreciate the joy of the moment in a day that celebrates your determination to attain of a worthwhile goal.

Congratulations Graduates!

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