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This Mother’s Day make mom proud - start your career training

Written by Allison Brenner on Tuesday, 07 May 2013. Posted in Why Ashworth

Give yourself a better future and honor Mom at the same time!

This Mother’s Day Make Mom Proud - Start Your Career Training

Mother's Day is here and rather than giving her yet another picture frame or a bottle of perfume, give Mom something she will really love. Mothers instill hopes and dreams into their children with the expectation their children will grow up to accomplish great things. For this reason, showing mom your determination to reach your goals and have a better life is a gift she can really be proud of.

Education: The gift that keeps on giving

What would it mean for your mother to see you working in your dream career field? Education isn't only about taking tests and getting good grades; it's about learning valuable skills that will benefit you for years to come. Your mom has always encouraged you to try your best. By accomplishing your goal of getting a great job, earning a diploma or learning a new ability, you're showing her you've taken that lesson to heart.

In addition, think of how proud your mom will be watching you cross the stage wearing a cap and gown to receive your diploma. Being able to say “my child is a graduate” is something that will be more valuable to her than any piece of jewelry.

Education never expires

Unlike a gift card to the spa or a coupon for a restaurant, your diploma will never expire or be out of date. What you learn when studying valuable career training skills will stay with you for years to come, possibly improving your life forever. This is a gift mom can appreciate, because she'll see you're changing your quality of life for the better.

Use life lessons she taught you

Your mom may have instilled the importance of being financially responsible in you at a young age. She might have taught you to save for what's important. With Ashworth College, you can show her how you took time to find affordable online college degrees that fit your lifestyle and budget.

With Ashworth College, you can show your mom you remember those lessons on prioritizing education, fulfilling dreams and making yourself the best you can be. The gift of earning your diploma isn't just for you, it's for her too. By earning your diploma, you can say thank you for her values, her love, and her support.

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