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Event planning school preps you for the realities of this “glamorous” career

Written by Ashworth College on Tuesday, 01 May 2018. Posted in Career

Event planning school preps you for the realities of this “glamorous” career

Do your friends call you "The Wedding Planner?" Does everyone look to you to organize a block party or a fundraising banquet? If so, event planning school may be calling your name. But, be warned, event planning is so much more than the glitter, glamor, and festive atmosphere you observe when a special event is underway. Let's go behind the scenes and see what’s actually involved and if it’s still a match for you.


Long hours

Leaving home at 5 a.m. to set up for an event. Work until 2 a.m. that same night. Never quite sure what day it is or what time zone you're in. Carrying deodorant and a change of clothes with you at all times. Are we feeling glamorous yet?



Non-stop conference calls

In the age of smartphones and the internet, expect to always be on call. If not a conference call with 15 other people. Then throw in emails, texts from your clients, and in-person meetings. It may seem like there is no end.



In 2017, Forbes listed event planner as the fifth most stressful job in America. Not only will you spend hours on your feet, you'll constantly be thinking on your feet too--solving last-minute problems and wearing multiple hats. Plus, you'll need to know how to walk the line between delegating and micromanaging. Learning how to become an event planner teaches you how to navigate all the multitasking.


Difficult clients

People often associate event planning with celebrities and other influential people who must--of course--be awesome to work with. Inevitably though, some clients will stretch your patience and conflict-resolution skills to the max. An event planning school can provide tips on how to communicate effectively with everyone on your team.


Experiencing technical difficulties

Event planning is more than just selecting the menu and deciding what fun shape the napkins should be folded into. As an event planning school will teach you, much of your time will be spent checking in with vendors, reviewing contracts, making sure you've gotten the necessary permits and licenses, and conducting risk assessments.


Feeling overlooked

Even though you're organizing the event, it's really all about your client. Event planners find themselves having to learn to fade into the background, keeping things running smoothly and engaging guests while not making themselves the center of attention.


f you haven’t been scared off by the above, there’s good news. Despite all the headaches, people in the profession wouldn’t give it up for anything! In fact, successful event planners thrive for the satisfaction that comes when everything comes together on event day. What’s holding you back? If you know you have the grit and love for event planning, and would like to learn how to become an event planner, Ashworth College offers a flexible and affordable event planning course. Contact us to learn more or enroll online today.

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