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Ashworth college student success story: Chandra King

Written by Ashworth College on Thursday, 08 February 2018. Posted in Online College, Success Stories

Going back to college can be exciting. It’s a chance to prove to yourself what you are capable of and, possibly, advance your career. Ashworth College Online graduate, Chandra King, shared recently why she went back to school, who supported her along the way and how it feels to earn her degree!

Like many Ashworth College graduates and students, it has been awhile since Chandra was last in school. Being an adult student can be an adjustment at first, but a strong support network can make a world of difference. Chandra is thankful for the help given to her along the way.

Part 1

A big part of Chandra's support system was her family. Her daughter, who just finished earning her master's degree, was Chandra's inspiration for going back to school. Throughout Chandra's program, family members lent support and even offered guidance during some of the more difficult projects. Knowing you're not alone can be fuel to stay motivated – plus it all leads up to that beautiful moment when you graduate!

Part 2

Sweeter than the moment of graduation is meeting your career goals. For Chandra that came in the form of a promotion at work.

Part 3

Her degree gave her an advantage over her co-workers and inspired her to think about what else she can achieve.

Part 4

In the end, Chandra says it's all about having the right mindset and surrounding yourself with people to support you. She got the encouragement she needed from her family and the team at Ashworth College so she could achieve her dreams!

Part 5

Congratulations Chandra! We're proud of you and can't wait to see what you do next.

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