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A scholarship for her RN to BSN completion will help Rebekah fulfill her father’s dying wish

Written by Ashworth College on Thursday, 31 May 2018. Posted in Success Stories, Why Ashworth

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A scholarship for her RN to BSN completion will help Rebekah fulfill her father’s dying wish

Rebekah Rutledge always wanted to be a nurse. Throughout high school she set her sights on developing a career foundation in the caring professions. Rebekah began her professional life as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in 2007 because she wanted to develop a strong set of core skills on which to build her nursing career. In 2011, she earned an associate degree in nursing that led to earning an LPN credential and, in 2013 after more study, she obtained her RN license. This systematic approach to building her career was inspired by her late father, who valued education.

“My dad always encouraged me to pursue more education, even after I got my nursing license,” Rebekah said. “After he passed away I felt more motivated than ever to go after my BSN, I guess partly as a tribute to him.”

To honor her late father’s wishes, Rebekah began researching online RN to BSN completion programs. She needed something affordable, and she wanted a program with maximum flexibility to help her achieve her educational goals while working in a long-term care facility and caring for four children under the age of 10 at home.

“We have a small house right now, and with four kids it makes for very tight quarters,” Rebekah said. “We had been looking at getting a larger house – with a larger house payment – but I thought I would have to sacrifice that dream temporarily in order to afford nursing school. Then I won the scholarship.”

During her search for an affordable, flexible online RN to BSN completion program, Rebekah had requested information from Madison School of Healthcare at Ashworth College. Later, she received an email inviting her to apply for a $5,000 scholarship. She did, and to her delight she was selected to receive the award.

“I can’t tell you how much stress this scholarship relieves,” Rebekah said. “Besides being able to move into a bigger house, I’ll be able to set myself up for greater success in my job and get myself ready for a master’s program.”

Another aspect of the RN to BSN completion program that relieves Rebekah’s stress? Its flexibility.

“I found a couple of other online BSN programs, but they were much more expensive and had set class periods,” Rebekah shares. “The thing is, when you’re a working nurse and you have children at home you never know what your day-to-day life is going to look like. The Madison program lets me put the kids to bed or deal with whatever family issues need to be addressed, and then do my coursework in the evening – on my own schedule. That’s what makes this program such a great fit for me.”

Rebekah says the BSN completion program will pay dividends immediately, in her career as an MDS coordinator. “I feel like I’ll be able to dig into patient problems better and create more individualized care plans,” Rebekah said. But that’s not the only reason she’s pursuing a BSN.

“This degree will open the door to master’s programs,” Rebekah says. “I’ve always wanted to pursue a master’s in nursing, even though I don’t yet know what discipline. I’ll figure that out down the road.”

Through the Madison School of Healthcare online RN-BSN completion program, Rebekah found an educational path that enables her to GO AHEAD in her career and life – just as her late father would have wanted.

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