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Ashworth graduates say: you can do it! Online education is for everyone

Written by Ashworth College on Tuesday, 11 September 2018. Posted in Success Stories, Why Ashworth

Ashworth Graduates Say: You Can Do It! Online Education is for Everyone

What’s your dream career? Working in the booming healthcare field? Criminal justice? Owning your own business?

All too often, people’s dreams get derailed because they think they can’t get the education they need to turn their vision into reality. The Ashworth College graduates in these videos will tell you otherwise. Hear their inspiring stories, and then talk to an admissions advisor today so you can stop dreaming and start pursuing your ideal career!

Tania’s Story: I earned a Medical Billing and Coding Certificate while living in Bermuda

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Tania’s Story:
My name is Tania Dire and I am from Bermuda. I'm a 56 year-old mother of four and I have graduated from medical billing and coding. My advice to anyone who would be up with Ashworth College is to just go for it. The courses are very easy to comprehend and well worth it in the end.

Ernest’s Story: Online education made it easy for me to pursue my dream of a criminal justice degree while working

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Ernest’s Story:
I'm Ernest Luster, I am from New Orleans and I'm graduating and with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Ashworth College has a great program that allows you to work on your time if you have friends, family, or a busy work schedule it gives you that opportunity to complete your task and to pursue your dreams without having to sit in the classroom and in being in a structured environment. It gives you the opportunity to work at the comfort of your own time and in your own home. I would suggest that anyone that has those responsibilities that they will take this program on. I personally want to say to my family and friends. Thank you for supporting me and loving me and putting up with me for these last long years of studying and turning in paperwork and dealing with exams being a headache to you all. But it turned out for a great cause and I appreciate the accomplishment and it is a surreal thing for me.

Ragion’s Story: I’m starting my own business, thanks to earning my Bachelor of Business Administration at age 45

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Ragion’s Story:
My name is Ragion Walker i've been attending Ashworth College, I'm getting my degree in business. I've heard of Ashworth College online, I thought ive seen it online and it was a great school and fantastic people. So I wanted to get something for myself and then learn, you know, how I can make my own money, have my own business and everything. My family has motivated me and I haven't had a college degree ever. I've had a high school diploma and now I'm 45 and its been a real blessing. I've had to work hard and do a lot of hours and everything so I'm really fortunate to get this degree. My advice to everybody is to work hard, study, be motivated and be inspired that's what I do. I aspire with other people, they help me, have a terrific staff online and also they motivate me to get on to work and keep pushing and set my own hours. So I tell everybody to be inspired and to be empowered and to do things for yourself and you’ll be like me and I didn't go anywhere in life, anywhere.

Keana’s Story: Flexibility and affordability allowed me to complete the RN to BSN program while traveling

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Keana’s Story:
All right I'm Keana Green and I just graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Nursing at Ashworth College. I will recommend this program to any RN that is looking for a bridge program RN to BSN as this is the most affordable program online and is most important because in 2020 or licensed RN’s will have to have a bachelor's degree, especially in nursing if they're looking for any leadership or management positions. Ashworth seemed to be more flexible, affordable and user-friendly for my fast-paced schedule. Being able to travel I was able to log in online in any state and city and was able to finish ahead of schedule. So anyone looking for RN to BSN bridge I recommend Ashworth College.

Ora’s Story: Here are my secrets to student success in the Ashworth College Event Planning program

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Ora’s Story:
Hi my name is Ora Brown and I just went through Ashworth College. I went to the Event Coordinators program which was awesome. But I'd like to say to anyone that starting out the biggest key and the most important thing is to stay dedicated, stay committed, and be consistent and you'll have great success.

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