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Here we share the realities of online learning – what you can expect, where to turn to for support, and why, once you try our online programs, you’ll never go back to brick-and-mortar schools again!

What learning style is right for you?

Written by Ashworth College on Friday, 30 September 2016. Posted in Career, Online College

What Learning Style is Right for You?

One of the best things any teacher could have done for any of us is to help us understand our learning styles. Many people learn things in different ways that make them unique from others. If only teachers could realize this as they attempt to teach entire classrooms. The edict to “know thyself” has never been truer than knowing your learning style!

Why online college is the new norm

Written by Ashworth College on Thursday, 18 August 2016. Posted in Online College, Why Ashworth

Why Online College is the New Norm

Over the last decade, the number of online learning opportunities available has grown remarkably, making it a normal part of most higher learning programs and, in many cases, providing an alternative to brick-and-mortar colleges entirely. Online degrees have become more and more popular among students, providing them with a flexible and cost-effective alternative to enrolling in a traditional higher education program.

Five tech tips for your RN to BSN online program

Written by Ashworth College on Thursday, 15 October 2015. Posted in Healthcare, Online College

Five Tech Tips for Your RN to BSN Online Program

Are you considering a bachelor's degree in nursing? Going back to school can be nerve-wracking - especially if you’re taking courses online for the first time. It’s an adjustment, to say the least, but the format also gives you the ability to complete work on your own schedule so you can balance family time and work life with school. Are you nervous about going digital? Here are five tech tips to set you up for success as an online student.

How online cooking classes can benefit every aspect of your life

Written by Allison Brenner on Friday, 21 February 2014. Posted in Career, Online College

How Online Cooking Classes Can Benefit Every Aspect Of Your Life

The Disney movie Ratatouille is based on the premise that "anyone can cook." While the star of the animated film may have been a rat with no opposable thumb, there is truth to the message that cooking can be accomplished by anyone and for many different purposes. Not everyone who learns to cook, whether it be by reading cookbooks, looking over a relative' shoulder or enrolling in online cooking classes, sets out to learn for the same reason.

Why you should take home health aide courses online

Written by Allison Brenner on Wednesday, 05 February 2014. Posted in Healthcare, Online College

Why You Should Take Home Health Aide Courses Online

The healthcare industry is constantly growing. No matter what may happen in the economy or in the world, the need for specialists to help maintain and improve our health is a necessary part of life. One of the fastest-growing areas in the medical field is that of home health. Taking Home Health Aide Courses gives you the preparation to enter one of today’s most popular careers.

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