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New grad certificate preps healthcare students for CPCO roles

Written by Ashworth College on Thursday, 07 June 2018. Posted in Career, Healthcare

New Grad Certificate Preps Healthcare Students for CPCO Roles

Join us in our series of GO AHEAD blogs as we explore the possibilities of different online programs designed to empower you to go toward your dreams and GO BEYOND what you thought possible in life.

Take your healthcare management career to the next level by diving in to the fascinating world of compliance. Our Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Compliance delves into the laws, regulations, and guidelines healthcare facilities must follow. Compliance officers ensure a medical practice or organization never runs afoul of any rules – and that’s why a Certified Professional Compliance Officer (CPCO™) credential from AAPC can mean real dollars in your pocket.

What Does a Compliance Officer Do?

As valued members of a healthcare management team, compliance officers take responsibility for developing, implementing, and monitoring compliance programs for a medical practice, facility, or organization. The compliance officer oversees everything from billing, coding, and HIPAA compliance to workplace safety, clinical trials, and patient rights.

Depending on the type of healthcare organization, a compliance officer may:

  • Design a complete compliance program that covers every aspect of practice or system management
  • Audit an organization’s compliance and to identify any areas of non-compliance
  • Review and update compliance programs according to changes in the law or services
  • Develop and conduct employee training programs to educate on proper compliance
  • Screen new hires, contractors, and other vendors for compliance failures
  • Enforce workplace safety regulations and other relevant workplace guidelines
  • Develop procedures and systems for reporting non-compliance

Certified professional compliance officers receive compensation commensurate with the high level of responsibility they hold. In fact, the 2016 AAPC salary survey showed that compensation for those holding a CPCO™ credential climbed nearly 6 percent from 2015 to 2016 reaching an average salary of $75,680.

Take the First Step Toward Your CPCO™ Today!

The Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Compliance is a one-semester program with tuition that includes the cost of the CPCO™ exam, as well as:

  • Ebooks and comprehensive online resources
  • Online course materials and assessments
  • Personalized faculty support

Grab this opportunity to GO AHEAD in your healthcare management career. Move toward certification as a compliance officer with this flexible and affordable program.

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