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How Do I Become an Accountant?

Written by Nicole Krempasky on Tuesday, 25 August 2020. Posted in Career, Online College, Why Ashworth

Computer screen with bookkeeping.

To become an accountant, you’ll need training since most businesses look to professionals with credentials to make sure their financials are in order. With Ashworth College, you’ll have a choice of degree, diploma, or certificate options to help get you started with a career in the accounting field.

What do accountants do?

Accounting is all about money. It’s the system that keeps businesses and companies functioning by making sure they not only have enough profits, but are using them wisely. Work in accounting measures how healthy a company is in terms of how much money it has.

Accountants put their love of numbers and math skills to work doing everything from managing taxes to creating, organizing, and maintaining financial records. They also are responsible for interpreting, analyzing, and reporting data.

Because accounting plays a key role in all businesses, accountants aren’t just limited to working for accounting firms. All companies need money to run, so there are a variety of fields and industries in which you can work, from education to marketing to medicine, making accounting a lucrative career choice.

How do you become an accountant?

To pursue a career in accounting, you’ll need training. At Ashworth College, you can affordably earn your undergraduate certificate in accounting in as little as six months, depending on your pace. During your studies, you’ll go over the principles of finance in classes such as

  • Introduction to Accounting. This course reviews the fundamentals of double-entry bookkeeping, the debit/credit method of recording transactions, as well as the bookkeeping cycle, from recording transactions to preparing financial statements. Emphasis is placed on service concerns operating as sole proprietorships.
  • Accounting Spreadsheet Fundamentals. In this course, you’ll learn how to use an electronic spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel) and computer software that simulates a paper spreadsheet in which columns of numbers are plugged into arithmetic formulas for recording business transactions, analyzing financial data, and preparing financial reports.
  • Principles of Finance. Here you’ll take a focused look at the management of capital in a business firm. Emphasis is placed on policies and actions relating to asset structure, risk, income, and cash flows.

These courses may help you increase your marketability by learning in-demand skills.

How much do accountants make?

In 2019, bookkeepers and accountants earned a median salary of $41,000 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Your salary may increase, though, depending on your degree, experience, and training. Ashworth also offers students online options to earn an associate degree or a career diploma in accounting.

Start your career with Ashworth

Whether you’re looking to start a career in finance, accounting, or even open your own business, having an accounting degree can provide you with the valuable skills you’ll need to get started. Reach out to an Admissions Advisor today at or enroll online to kickstart your career in accounting.

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