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How Can I Become a Dog Obedience Trainer?

Written by Autumn Granza on Tuesday, 20 October 2020. Posted in Career

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To become a dog obedience trainer, you should be a people person, have patience, and love animals. Becoming a dog obedience trainer is relatively inexpensive. To get started, you’ll need a collar, leash, treat bag, and maybe a clicker. While training isn’t required, you may benefit from learning the skills needed for the job. After all, that’s why the average person goes to someone with experience for help with their dog! As a trainer, you’ll learn to recognize milestones in dog behavior, become a resource for dog owners, and teach owners how to work with their dogs.

How can I become a dog obedience trainer?

Earning a certification may give you an advantage in the eyes of pet owners and potential employers and boost your confidence. In our online program, you’ll learn the methods and equipment used in dog training, the best approach for different breeds and temperaments, and about the critical milestones in a dog's development. You’ll also take lessons such as

  • Dog Biology and Behavior. In this lesson, students will learn about the ethology of domestic dogs, how genetics play a role in behavior, and the body language and social signals of dogs.
  • Teaching the Basics. Students will learn the basic behaviors taught to dogs and the methods used to teach them. Students will also receive an understanding on how to help owners struggling with teaching the basic behaviors.
  • Becoming a Dog Trainer. In this lesson, students will learn the types of teaching opportunities that exist for dog trainers, how to determine which services to offer clients, and how to screen and steer clients to the most appropriate class. Students will also learn about creating contracts and the professional organizations that dog trainers can join.

What does a dog obedience trainer do?

As a dog obedience trainer, you’ll work with dogs and their owners. You’ll work alongside owners to train their pet and may work one-on-one or in group settings. You’ll focus on canine development and help clients understand training concepts like conditioning, reinforcement, and discipline. Dog obedience trainers can train puppies for basic obedience, and even older dogs. Trainers also help owners develop a relationship with their dog and teach dogs how to interact with their owners. They may also help owners create a welcome environment for their pet. Overall, dog obedience trainers should be able to effectively communicate and have patience.

How much does a dog obedience trainer make?

Turning your love for dogs and teaching into a career may help you enter a rewarding field. Dog obedience trainers work with client’s schedules and may set their own hours. In 2019, the median salary for dog obedience trainers was $30,430. Trainers may also choose to become certified and continue education and training once they enter the field.

Train with Ashworth

Working with dogs and their owners can be extremely rewarding. Before you start working with clients and their four-legged friends, learning the skills you need to train may help you be a better dog obedience trainer. Ashworth’s online, flexible Dog Obedience Career Diploma program can be taken at your own pace. In as little as four months, you’ll learn how to turn your passion into a career. Call an Admissions Advisor at or enroll online today.

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