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Four ways Ashworth College personalizes career services for you

Written by Ashworth College on Thursday, 06 April 2017. Posted in Career

Four Ways Ashworth College Personalizes Career Services for You

Ashworth College Career Services knows every student has different career advice needs. That’s why the team has created tools that are personalized for you.

The goal of Career Services is to provide career guidance that helps you make the most of your time at Ashworth College and provide one more point of support during your program. The Career Services team carefully considers all aspects of job searching and career planning to offer a variety of resources to help you along your academic and professional journey. Here are four ways Ashworth College personalizes Career Services to support your success.

Resume critiquing

A 2012 study from job search company The Ladders found that recruiters only spend an average of 6.25 seconds looking over a resume before deciding on keeping it (and keeping you) alive in the process, or removing it from consideration. So you need to make a good impression quickly! Ashworth’s Career Services team offers resume critiques and personalized feedback to help you deliver a standout resume.

Since a resume is a living document that evolves as you do, it is something you must carefully update to best market yourself. The expert advisors on staff are available to all students for free, a service that can be expensive elsewhere. Resume critiques are also specialized to your industry and the position(s) you’re applying to, leveraging all related experience and education.

Cover letter and application process tips

A targeted, well-crafted cover letter can make or break your candidacy during the application process, since it’s part of the overall first impression employers get. No matter how impressive, detailed or in-depth your resume is, you need more to tell your story to a potential employer. 

Taking the time to personalize your cover letter to both the organization and the position you’re applying to will boost your chances of securing an interview. Our Career Services team offers feedback on cover letters as well as other personalized tips for your application process, like how to keep track of where you’ve already applied and how to thank the person or people you spoke with. (Hint: ALWAYS send a thank you note/message within 12-24 hours via email, mail, or both.)

Interview prep

The best way to be prepared is to over prepare. The Greek philosopher Aristotle once commented on the role of repetition by saying “it is frequent repetition that produces a natural tendency.” Natural tendencies in a job interview will highlight the reasons you deserve to be offered your next position or dream job.

Career Services advisors work with you to help alleviate the stress of a job interview by preparing you to hold these conversations with ease. By working together and understanding where your strengths lie, our advisors help develop the best plan of attack for nailing that next job interview. Some parts of the important interview process to consider are what questions to be ready to field and what questions you should have prepared for the person you’re speaking with. Your Career Services advisor will also help with body language tips and go over proper interview attire.

Career EDGE

Career Services will soon be adding a tool that includes all the vital resources above, but through a new platform. Career EDGE is designed to enhance your experience from your admission through post-graduation career planning. It consists of a series of professional development modules, including a resume builder, mock job application, and a success toolkit to prepare you for upcoming interviews.

With Career EDGE, you have what you need during your job hunt all in one place. You’ll have the ability to look through open positions on the world’s top job site,, and submit application materials, like a resume or relevant work samples for an ePortfolio, all without having to leave the platform. The Career Services team is always ready to assist with your career preparation, no matter your career goals!

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