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4 traits all successful women share

Written by Ashworth College on Thursday, 10 December 2015. Posted in Healthcare

4 Traits All Successful Women Share

Beyoncé had it right when she sang that girls run the world. Women around the globe are increasingly opening doors to new possibilities and finding creative ways to realize their full potential. While every woman has her own set of unique strengths, there are a number of traits that most successful women share.


In a 2015 interview with Fast Company, Oprah noted how important it is for her to be "fully present." Instead of worrying about what what will be for dinner that day or what is planned for tomorrow, successful women, like Oprah, live in the present. While there is a lot of hype around being able to multi-task, research has found that multi-tasking can actually decrease productivity. Focusing on one thing at a time and living in the current moment will make it possible to concentrate completely and accomplish a task or goal instead of giving divided attention to a number of things.


According to a recent study by the talent manager firm, Caliper, another key personality trait of high-performing women is the ability to listen to and understand the feelings of others. The idea that the selfish people who only worry about their own success finish first is outdated. Today, the most successful individuals find ways to give back. By reaching out to others, women can grow as individuals and help those around them, as well as gain influence. It also helps women create or contribute to an environment where everyone feels valued and included.


Perhaps the most important trait successful women share is passion. Facebook CEO, Sheryl Sandberg, shared advice with recent grads in a 2015 commencement speech and encouraged them to find a job that stirs their passion. By living their passion, women can direct their energy toward something that is truly meaningful to them. Doing this will mean that working hard won't be seen as a daunting chore but something that is interesting, challenging and fun. Women who do what they love will not only find success, but also happiness.

A strong support system

Anyone following Taylor Swift's successful career has likely noticed that she surrounds herself with a group of supportive friends. Successful women surround themselves with a strong support group made up of family, friends, and/or mentors. Mentor relationships are especially important to women who want to get far in their career. According to Caitlin Williams, author of Successful Woman's Guide to Working Smart: Ten Strengths That Matter Most, "the majority of women who have succeeded in their careers and reached a position of influence credit their participation in some sort of mentoring effort for getting them where they are today." Having a support system makes it possible for women to share ideas, ask for advice and celebrate their accomplishments.

Do you already have what it takes to be successful? Channel your focus, tap into your empathy, reach out to a friend and pursue your passions – there is a world of possibilities ahead!

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