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Floral Design schools help prepare you for a blossoming career

Written by Allison Brenner on Monday, 18 November 2013. Posted in Career

Floral Design Schools Prepare You For A Blossoming Career

What do Kiss From A Rose, Steel Magnolias and Flowers for Algernon all have in common? Although they are three very different expressions about vastly different topics, all three show the importance that flowers play in our lives. Much more than things of beauty, flowers are an integral part of everyday life – from patterns on fabric to scents in perfume.

It is because of this love of flowers that floral design careers are sought after by those with a passion for it. If you are considering floral design schools, you’re poised to seek to enter a career field that is important to many people. Floral arrangements are essential to so many occasions; it’s hard to imagine celebrating without them.

  • Commemorating life-changing events:
    What would a wedding be like without gorgeous flower bouquets for the wedding party or decorating each table at the reception? And at a funeral, flowers dedicated to the recently passed loved one serve a dual purpose: They are a tribute to a person’s life and designed to bring friends and family some comfort in their grief. Floral arrangements are present at most major life milestones, both joyous and sad. They are more than just a piece of the scenery; rather they are handmade with care to acknowledge the person or people at the center of the event.
  • Form of expression:
    Bouquets are handed out to performers after recitals, small arrangements are given to sick friends and family members, and many types of flowers serve as apologies to significant others. Whether we’re saying “I’m proud of you”, “feel better” or “I’m sorry”, tasteful arrangements are a visual representation of the giver’s unspoken sentiments. Working closely with each customer, florists are able to create one-of-a-kind displays that symbolize feelings.
  • More than home décor:
    A house isn’t a home until it has personal touches. Bringing flowers into the house makes it feel warm and inviting. And flowers aren’t just great for residences. Flowers can be used in any type of office, store, restaurant and more to accentuate the décor and bring nature indoors.

By using flowers in so many ways to say so many different things, being a florist is a meaningful and important career choice. There will always be life events to celebrate, gifts to give and holidays to enjoy so you know florists will always be needed. You’ll be proud knowing that your creative and personal arrangements are brightening the day of anyone who sees them.

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