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Advance your career and education with Ashworth’s online certificate programs

Written by Allison Brenner on Monday, 05 August 2013. Posted in Career

How an online certificate program can help you prepare for your career goals

Advance Your Career and Education with Ashworth’s Online Certificate Programs

Do you wonder if you're ready to start college? Wish you could 'try out'college courses before enrolling in an associate or bachelor’s degree program? Aside from career training, degree and high school programs, Ashworth College allows students to earn undergraduate certificates as well.

What is an undergraduate certificate?

Our online certificate programs are designed to help students achieve various career and education goals. An undergraduate certificate is equivalent to one semester of college and credit may be applied toward an associate or bachelor’s degree from Ashworth College. Each certificate program consists of five fundamental courses that develop a comprehensive understanding of both general matter and a career-focused discipline.

At the conclusion of the five courses, graduates receive an online Undergraduate Certificate. This is an important credential that will help move you forward in your career and in life. By the time you graduate, you will have likely gained more certainty about your chosen profession or next educational step. Many students choose to continue their learning by transferring the credits earned in the undergraduate certificate program into an associate or bachelor’s degree program from Ashworth College.

What programs are offered?

Ashworth College offers 15 online certificate programs at the undergraduate level, designed to introduce students to college study in addition to the fundamentals of a particular discipline. Course content mirrors what is taught in Ashworth College degree courses, so students can make a seamless transition into higher education at the degree level. Ashworth offers undergraduate certificates that lay the groundwork for many in-demand career fields including accounting, business management, construction management, criminal justice, early childhood education, finance, general studies, healthcare management, human resource management, marketing, paralegal studies, psychology, retail management and security management.

Each online lesson will help you build a solid foundation on which to further your education. Whether you continue your education or put your newly acquired professional skills to use on the job, Ashworth undergraduate certificate courses are a great first step in climbing the career ladder to success.

Whatever path you choose to take among Ashworth education offerings, the knowledge and understanding you gain in an undergraduate certificate program will help you reach your goals. The undergraduate certificate program is a significant step toward realizing your personal and professional aspirations.

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