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7 things every nurse understands

on Thursday, 28 January 2016. Posted in Healthcare

7 Things Every Nurse Understands

Shonda Rhimes knows how to write a good medical drama, but even the most dedicated Grey's Anatomy fan will never fully grasp what it's like to work in healthcare. Sure, the basic responsibilities of a nurse are understood. But as someone who has actually donned a pair of scrubs for multiple grueling 12-hour shifts, you know what the job really entails. An online nursing degree will prepare you, but here are seven additional things that only nurses will understand.

Here are seven things that only nurses will understand.

  1. The phrase T.G.I.F. means nothing to you

    Depending on where you work, you probably don't have a "normal" work schedule. Evening, weekend, and overnight shifts are often part of the job. You've mastered the art of resisting an eye roll whenever your friends who work from 9 to 5 complain about their busy week.

  2. (Almost) nothing grosses you out

    You might jump out of your seat a few times during a zombie thriller, but you won't flinch once during a gross-out scene. Blood, lesions, etc. You've seen the real stuff. Hollywood has nothing on the E.R.

  3. Family and friends treat you like a living WebMD

    Of course, you're happy to help, and your advice will be 100 percent more helpful than anything Google can provide. However, you'd be okay with it if your aunt avoided the urge to send you a picture of her rash.

  4. You know the true purpose of Vicks vapor rub

    It's great for treating coughs and congestion, but a couple of dabs inside of your medical mask can be a life-saver when you're dealing with the unpleasant smells that you encounter regularly on the job.

  5. Nursing friendships are a different kind of love

    No one understands you like the person next to you in the trenches. You've been through it all together—and nurses see some crazy stuff.

  6. You've experienced the amazing feeling of seeing a patient fully recover

    Working with sick and injured patients can be draining. But nothing beats the feeling of literally saving a life.

  7. You wouldn't change your job for the world

    Despite the ups and downs, the long shifts, and the stress of it all, you love what you do. Passion is the number one requirement for being a nurse.

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