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5 Reasons Why You Should Earn a Master’s Degree

Written by Autumn Granza on Tuesday, 30 July 2019. Posted in Online College

College graduate.

Your higher education journey doesn’t have to stop once you earn your bachelor’s degree. Whether you just graduated or you’re currently working toward a career, earning a master’s degree could be the next move you make to reach your goals. Ashworth has flexible, self-paced master’s programs that can help you excel in your field. Here are five reasons why you should earn a master’s degree.

Increase your earning potential

The possibility of earning more is one of the main reasons why people choose to pursue a master’s degree. Those with an advanced degree are more likely to see an increase in salary. Professionals with a graduate degree earn approximately $17,000 more per year, depending on the field. For example, someone with a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration may earn $55,000 a year, while a professional with a master’s degree may earn $80,000.

As a graduate, you’re more likely to receive a job in a higher position from the start. That’s because you’ve proven that you’re capable and you’ll need less training. By earning a master’s degree, you have the chance to show that you’re equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to get the job done and be successful in your position.

Be a competitive job candidate

Adding a master's degree to your resume can open new doors and offer new opportunities in your career. A graduate-level degree program involves more detailed, specialized knowledge and skills that can help you stand out in your industry. The possibility of earning that promotion you're interested in or taking on more leadership responsibilities is often greater when you have higher-level training. For example, a Masters of Science in Criminal Justice can help prepare you for specialized management positions in criminology, public policy, private security management, and many other fascinating careers.

Aside from internal promotions, a graduate degree allows you to be more marketable to potential employers. According to a survey from CareerBuilder, 33% of employers are recruiting those with a master’s degree for positions that previously required a bachelor’s. The survey found that applicants with higher education increased their chances of getting hired and are more likely to be promoted in the future.

Change careers and maintain your competitive edge

There’s no need to feel stuck in your job. By pursuing a master’s degree you can get a jump start on a new career path. In graduate school, you’ll learn the skills you need to give you a competitive edge on your new career journey. The skillset you’ll gain with a master’s degree and the added training you’ll receive will help prepare you for your desired field. For example, many professionals without a business background choose to pursue a Masters of Business degree because they want to advance their career, move into management positions, or learn the skills needed for analyst jobs. Small business owners may look to a Marketing MBA or International Business MBA to help accelerate their businesses’ success. Pursuing a graduate degree not only prepares you for a career change, but builds your skillset and keeps you marketable.

Learn more of what you love

You’re passionate about what you do. By taking your education even further, you’re able to continue learning what you love. You’ll learn more about your craft and develop a better understanding that you can bring back to your workplace. Since the workplace is constantly evolving, earning a graduate degree shows you’re interested in enhancing your knowledge and industry experience as well as your credibility in the field. Ultimately, your advanced knowledge can have a greater impact on your career and your employer.

Grow personally, intellectually, and professionally

Graduate school gives you a chance to grow. Pursuing an advanced degree allows you to sharpen your skills, exercise your mind, and become an expert in your field. You’ll also gain leadership skills that you can demonstrate in the workforce and show employers that you can lead. Additionally, you’ll network and make lasting connections with faculty members and colleagues that may lead to job opportunities or promotions in the future.

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