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Vet practice management online course curriculum

The course curriculum of our online vet practice management degree program prepares you for a career supporting the business side of a veterinary practice. Our program totals four (4) semesters of business and elective courses for you to stack on top of any Associate of Science (or 60 credit hours of eligible transfer credits). You’ll graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree and valuable knowledge you can use to lead a vet practice to success.

Semester 1

VT301 - Introduction to Veterinary Business Practices  

This course identifies concepts, principles, and operations of the private enterprise system. Students compare and contrast sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations, and they learn the advantages and disadvantages of each. This course also discusses the functions of modern business management, marketing, and ethics, and social responsibility. Human resource management and how employers can motivate their employees are described. Bookkeeping, accounting, financial management, and financial statements are also examined. As veterinary professionals are employed in sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations, this information is directly applicable to us. As well as providing valuable information for human resource managers. Many of these accounting principles can be extended to personal finance, helping the veterinary professional leverage the money they are making.
Credit Hours: 3

Electives (100-200 Level)   BU360 - Business and Society  

This course examines broad social, ethical, and technological trends that affect business operations, exploring some of the effects and implications of business-society interactions related to public issues, ethics and social responsibility, the environment, culture and diversity, and the process of globalization.
Credit Hours: 3

Electives (100-200 Level)   VT305 - Veterinary Practice Organization  

Do you love animals? Do you have the passion and financial know-how to embark on your veterinary journey? If you answered "yes" to the first question and "no" to the second, then you are in the right place! In this course, you, as the veterinary practice manager/veterinary technician, will learn about management skills needed in a veterinary practice. You will learn about the care and maintenance of the veterinary practice, administrative duties, computer software, interpersonal communication, customer service, and financial matters of a veterinary practice.
Credit Hours: 3

Semester 2

BU310 - Fundamentals of Management  

This course offers a skill-based approach to planning and decision-making, organization theory, leadership, and motivation to provide a concrete understanding of how these processes relate to business activity. This course also explores the nature and process of management, examines the modern organization, and emphasizes the application of core principles to day-to-day management situations.
Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisite: C13

VT320 - Marketing Principles  

In this course you will examine broad social, ethical, and technological themes and trends that affect business operations. You will explore some of the broad effects and implications of business-society interactions relating to public issues, ethics and social responsibility, and the process of globalization. You will also examine in detail issues of technology, development, the environment, culture, and diversity.
Credit Hours: 3

VT312 - Business Law  

This course is designed to familiarize students with various kinds of laws, key elements of the American Constitution, and the concepts of the various schools of jurisprudence. Ethics, values, morality, law, and the various ethical theories are compared and contrasted, and the need for promoting corporate social responsibility is discussed. The elements of tort law, the basic elements of a contract, the sources of laws governing contracts, and the conditions for an offer to be valid are examined. Topics include reality of consent, capacity of minors, consequences of illegal agreements, assignment of rights, transfer of title, and the rights of third parties. Delivery of goods, right to inspection, acceptance and revocation of contract, the remedies available to buyers and sellers, and the nature of property are also discussed.
Credit Hours: 3

VT350 - Organizational Behavior  

This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to explore the behavior of individuals, groups, and organizations within today's dynamic work environment. Specific topics include communication, motivation, leadership, power structure, diversity and organizational culture
Credit Hours: 3

A01 - Introduction to Accounting  

This course reviews the fundamentals of double-entry bookkeeping and the debit/credit method of recording transactions. The bookkeeping cycle, from recording transactions to preparing financial statements, is included. Emphasis is placed on service concerns operating as sole proprietorships.
Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisite for BU330

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Program Description

The Bachelor of Science degree in Veterinary Practice Management is designed as a degree completion program for those with an earned associate degree. The program provides the knowledge needed to manage a veterinary practice or veterinary industry-related business. The program focuses on leadership, laws and ethics and provides a strong foundation in financial and accounting management issues.

Program Objectives

After completing the Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Practice Management program, students will possess the skills and knowledge of fundamental Veterinary Practice Management functions. They will be able to:

  1. Examine the legal and ethical issues that affect the veterinary industry.
  2. Investigate aspects of human resource management as they relate to the veterinary industry.
  3. Compare regulatory agencies that have oversight into aspects of the veterinary industry.
  4. Evaluate internal and external marketing methods as they apply to veterinary-related businesses.
  5. Analyze inventory control procedures and equipment maintenance needs for veterinary practices.
  6. Create, maintain, and analyze financial reports for the veterinary practice.
  7. Assess industry needs and develop strategic plans for practice growth.

Practicing for veterinary career success

The Ashworth College Veterinary Practice Management Bachelor of Science Degree program helps you gain the confidence you need to reach for your career goals because we integrate job search prep into your studies. With the online tools at the Ashworth EDGE, you’ll get step-by-step guidance as you create polished, professional resumes and letters. After you graduate, you’ll keep your Ashworth EDGE account so you can revisit the tools any time you need to make a good impression on a potential employer. Learn more about it on our Career Services page.

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