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Masters in Management

Master of Science in

Earning your nationally accredited Master’s in Management degree is a vital step toward professional advancement. Our master’s management degree online program is designed to help you excel as a business leader. Graduate ready to attain a high-profile position in the upper echelons of industry.

  • Prerequisite: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Study Method: Textbooks with Online Lessons & Exams
  • Program Length: 6 to 12 Months per Semester (Total 3 Semesters)

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  What You'll Learn

The Master’s Degree Program in Management is comprised of an orientation and 12 graduate-credit courses, each with its own clear, comprehensive learning guide. Each master’s in management course features a series of hands-on activities and research projects that challenge you to meld information gleaned from the textbooks, independent research and outside sources to explore real-world management problems. Topics in the online management master’s degree program include…

  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Business Law
  • Leadership and Motivation
  • Human Resource Management
  • Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  • Project Management
  • Brand Management

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Semester 1

MT600 - Orientation  

This non-credit orientation is a foundation-building experience that introduces and refreshes the skills necessary for success. You'll learn how to navigate ProQuest, Ashworth College's online library, and review the distinguishing characteristics of academic journals and other publications. Internet research skills are polished enabling you to identify credible and unbiased Web sites for your research. Emphasis is placed on submission requirements, project structures, and writing formats used throughout your coursework, and APA writing style. The final portion of this course provides you the opportunity to research and explore the various career fields in the world of Management.

MK640 - Marketing and Advertising  

Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to current marketing theories and practices. It further discusses a key component of marketing: advertising. Both principles and applications are featured and complemented with highlighted examples from some of the most successful and noteworthy experts at performing this complex function.
Credit Hours: 3

MB655 - Business Law  

An in-depth view of the impact of public interest and government regulation on business activities. Emphasis is placed on the legal ramifications of corporate governance, citing court cases and judicial decisions that reveal the law's interface with business actions. Thought-provoking examples further demonstrate the law's broad influence on the day-to-day decisions involved in business operations and management.
Credit Hours: 3

MR601 - Survey of Human Resource Management  

Link human resource activities to business strategies. Examine specific management challenges faced by actual firms and the role of human resources. Learn about recruitment, employment planning and forecasting, testing, interviewing, training, organizing teams, appraising performance, compensation, financial incentives, benefits, labor relations, collective bargaining and more.
Credit Hours: 3

MB661 - Leadership and Motivation  

Develop your leadership potential. Discover the qualities, talents, and vision that leaders need to survive and grow in a changing world. You'll examine how today's theories of leadership and motivation have evolved, and how leadership concepts and motivational techniques are applied in a wide variety of business environments. Case studies reveal how executives and other decision makers lead, motivate and succeed.
Credit Hours: 3

Semester 2

MI605 - International Business  

Learn the requirements and challenges of doing business in other countries. A thorough review and analysis of international business and globalization that reveals the effects companies have on the economy, politics, laws, and cultures of other countries. Find out what's necessary to establish an international business, and survive competition in situations where the rules are radically changing.
Credit Hours: 3

MR635 - Labor Relations  

This course is a survey of labor relations and collective bargaining in the private and public sectors. The history of the American labor movement is reviewed, as well as the laws that regulate the relationship between employers and unions. Among the topics studied are the process of establishing a bargaining unit, negotiating a collective bargaining agreement, administration of the agreement, union and employer unfair labor practices, and arbitration. This course addresses theory behind these topics and how this theory is applied in actual situations.
Credit Hours: 3

MG645 - Brand Management  

Brand Management provides the student with opportunities to research the topic of branding and apply the strategic concepts to increase their skills in managing brands. Brand management involves planning and strategies to make more developed marketing decisions. This course not only provides the student with an opportunity to learn brand marketing strategies, but he or she will also learn to apply this information to case examples in order to practice application of the course information.
Credit Hours: 3

MB670 - Project Management  

Organize teams for achievement. Investigate the theory and practice of project management, culminating in the analysis of real-world examples taken from manufacturing, service, and construction businesses. Learn how to organize and manage effective project teams... how to document and communicate project development within and outside the team... and how to integrate people and technology successfully.
Credit Hours: 3

Semester 3

MB602 - Entrepreneurship  

This course will spark your interest in starting a new endeavor by introducing you to the basic tools and processes of launching a new venture. Begin with the start-up phase and the entrepreneurial mindset...establishing a vision...and evaluating industries. Then, conduct a feasibility analysis; analyze the risks and benefits; and form strategic alliances. Next, develop a business plan; determine the most effective legal form of business; form a personnel team; devise a marketing strategy; and prepare a complete set of financials. Then, plan for growth and the inevitable operational changes.
Credit Hours: 3

MJ652 - Corporate Crime  

This course examines historical and contemporary issues in criminological theory. Particular emphasis is placed on white-collar crime theory and corporate crime. Social perceptions of white-collar crimes and punishment of white-collar offenses are examined. The influence of corporate power on the political economy and how this relationship impacts the regulation of business are addressed. Discussions of the causes and responses to white-collar crimes will be analyzed at three sociological levels: societal (cultural), organizational, and institutional. In the vast area of wrongdoings covered by the definition of white-collar crimes, crimes committed by corporations will be examined.
Credit Hours: 3

MB651 - Ethical Decision-Making and Business Culture  

Create a strong corporate and personal value system. Learn ethical theory, principles, and language, and how each applies to managerial decision making. Analyze how a business establishes, maintains, and lives by its ethical foundation. Assess the traits of a company and how they affect employees, investors, and consumers. Create a business ethics manual for a new business.

MT609 - Capstone: Strategic Management  

This Capstone Course is a comprehensive overview of the strategic management process, both in theory and practice. The course integrates theoretical knowledge with analytical ability in the form of comprehensive case analyses of real-world business scenarios. Students have the opportunity to sharpen their analytical skills and apply their education and experience to confront the challenges that are faced by companies and their leaders in a dynamic and sometimes volatile business environment.
Credit Hours: 3

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  What You Get

Complete your Master’s in Management degree on your terms. Start any time, study at your own pace and move ahead fast. We’ve erased the barriers to career advancement so that you can easily succeed.

Carefully selected management master’s degree courses ensure a balance of essential theory and practical application. Your tuition covers:

  • Comprehensive, career-relevant textbooks
  • Learning guides with discussion questions and projects
  • Online open-book exams
  • Dedicated academic support and tutoring
  • Participation in the Student Community
  • Career Services powered by CareerBuilder®

Graduates receive a diploma suitable for framing and can attend our annual graduation ceremony. You will be proud knowing your Master of Management degree is awarded by a nationally accredited college, an expression of your commitment to professional success.

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