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Begin a career brimming with opportunity. Our online Plumbing course lets you study from home and and learn how to work with pipes, valves, and fittings; as well as repair and install water heaters, faucets, appliances and more. Detailed, step-by-step instruction sets the stage for a satisfying future.

  • Prerequisite: None
  • Study Method: Textbook with Online Exams
  • Program Length: As few as 6 Months

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  What You'll Learn

The online Plumbing course contains in-depth lessons that will prepare you to install pipes and fixtures, replace parts, interpret blue prints, adhere to building and safety codes, and inspect and repair plumbing systems. Everything your learn pertains to the real world – as if you’re getting on-the-job training! You’ll also learn about…

  • Math for plumbers
  • Plumbing tools and safety
  • HVAC systems, swimming pools, hot tubs and spas

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Lesson 1: Learning at Ashworth  

The goals and values of Ashworth College; time management; creating a realistic weekly and monthly study schedule; the nature and purpose of assessments; how to study effectively to prepare for and take an online examination; developing the skill sets necessary for success in the twenty-first century.

Lesson 2: Introduction to Construction Technology  

An overview of potential career paths and professional development available for students who formally develop skills and knowledge related to building construction. This lesson includes a summary of math and science concepts important to building professionals as well as applications of modern technologies to the construction workplace. The lesson concludes with an overview of general workplace safety practices and applications of personal protection equipment.

Lesson 3: Safety, Tools and Fixtures  

Students will learn about standard safety practices required on construction-related job sites and specific safety practices required for plumbing applications. Lesson coverage instructs students on the identification and safe application of tools used by plumbers and the construction and application of plumbing components.

Lesson 4: The Technical Aspects of Plumbing  

This lesson focuses on technical skills required to become a competent plumbing professional. Instruction is provided on basic math skills applied to plumbing practices, print reading and interpretation, and some basic scientific principles related to fluid and pressure.

Lesson 5: Preparing to Install Plumbing Systems  

The practices required to safely prepare the job site for a plumbing installation. Students will learn how to safely lift and position materials, proper excavation techniques and the preparation required for soldering and brazing operations. This lesson also describes plumbing codes and their interpretation and application.

Lesson 6: Plumbing System Components and Water Treatment  

Lesson coverage includes the key components that are used to create the plumbing system. Students will learn about applications and installations from water supply and treatment, through fixtures, piping and fittings, valves, meters, and water heaters.

Lesson 7: Designing and Installing Plumbing Systems  

Students will learn about common configurations of water supply, waste and venting systems used in residential construction and the installation practices used for the application of the designed system.

Lesson 8: Supporting Pipe and Installing Water-Supply Piping and Fixtures  

This lesson provides instruction on the proper support of the completed piping system and the connection and testing of the water supply. Students will also learn to safely install and test standard plumbing fixtures.

Lesson 9: Sewer, HVAC, Recreational, and Irrigation Systems  

The applications of plumbing materials and installation practices for septic and storm-water removal as well as systems used for pools, spas, and hot-tubs. This lesson concludes with an overview of the piping and fixtures used for lawn sprinklers and simple irrigation systems.

Lesson 10: Remodeling and Repairing Plumbing Systems  

Student preparation covers the unique applications of plumbing skills to repair and remodeling assignments versus new installations. Specific topics are included for repair of water supply systems as well as waste, drains, and venting applications.

Lesson 11: Professional Plumbing  

This final lesson provides an overview of the opportunities available for trained technicians in the plumbing industry. Students will learn about the history of plumbing, professional organizations and formal training and apprenticeship programs.

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  What You Get

Complete our online plumbing course on your terms. Begin on your schedule, study on your terms and move ahead fast. We’ve erased the barriers to career advancement so that you can get ahead.

The plumbing course combines a balance of important theoretical concepts and practical application, gradually building your skills to to the professional level. Your tuition covers:

  • Detailed plumbing textbook & study guides
  • Online, open-book exams
  • Dedicated academic support and tutoring
  • Career search and time management guides
  • Participation in the Student Community
  • Career Services powered by CareerBuilder®

Plumb the depths of your career potential. Start your online Plumbing course today. This is an important step toward beginning an apprenticeship or becoming an independent contractor and establishing a professional career.

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Plumb the depths of your career potential. Start your online Plumbing course today. Speak with an Admissions Advisor at 1-800-957-5412 or enroll online now.