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Interior Decorating Classes

Career Diploma in
Interior Decorating

Make your good taste and sense of style work for you with Interior Decorating classes. Learn how to create color schemes, arrange furniture, choose fabrics and flooring and create beautiful rooms. Graduates will receive the online C.I.D. Certification Review Course and Entrance Exam. Upon passing the exam, membership credentials as a "Certified Interior Decorator" will be issued by Certified Interior Decorators International.

  • Prerequisite: None
  • Study Method: Textbooks with Online Exams
  • Program Length: As few as 4 Months

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  What You'll Learn

Our Interior Decorating classes consist of 18 easy-to-follow lessons. Each comprehensive lesson introduces an essential skill, followed by in-depth instruction in how it applies in the real world. You’ll also complete challenging practice exercises that reinforce key concepts such as…

  • Creating the furniture plan
  • Working with suppliers
  • Supervising the completion of a project
  • The measuring and scale-drawing process
  • Drawing the floor plan

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Lesson 1: The Decorating Process  

The design studio; understanding clients' needs; the lifestyle questionnaire; fees; the design process; creating the furniture plan; contract documentation; working with suppliers; supervising the completion of a project.

Lesson 2: The Measuring Process  

Measuring tools; wall terminology; the measuring and scale-drawing process; widths; depths; heights; considering electricity and heating; drawing the floor plan.

Lesson 3: Design Elements and Principles  

Scale and size; creating balance; harmony; emphasis; texture; pattern; line; form; space; how to observe; designing for structural and decorative needs.

Lesson 4: Color and Design: Part 1  

A historical basis for color; the psychology of color; associations we make with color; cool, warm, and neutral colors; color systems and the color wheel; the three dimensions of color; creating livable color schemes.

Lesson 5: Color and Design: Part 2  

color schemes; how colors interact; hue; value; chromatic distribution; how light, texture, and distance affect color; color and mood; using color with building materials.

Lesson 6: Color and Lighting  

Natural and artificial lighting; types of light; lighting fixtures; solutions for lighting different areas of a residence; lighting conservation; direct and indirect lighting; interior uses of color; color schemes for today's interiors.

Lesson 7: Textiles: Part 1  

Types of fibers; natural fibers; man-made fibers; weaves; knits; twists; felting; dyeing; finishing; curtains; casements; drapery; upholstery; slipcovers; walls; lamp shades.

Lesson 8: Textiles: Part 2  

How to use fabric patterns; formal and informal fabrics; solving design problems with fabrics; period rooms; contemporary rooms; glossary of terms; fabric care.

Lesson 9: Floors and Stairways  

Types of floor coverings; masonry; wood; vinyl; functional and decorative values of rugs and carpets; carpet construction; rug sizes; Oriental and other decorative rugs; stairway types; tread and riser dimensions.

Lesson 10: Walls and Ceilings  

Rigid and flexible wall coverings; paints; finishes; wallpaper; fabric wall coverings; decorative value of wall coverings; ceiling types and materials; creating illusions with ceilings; raising and lowering ceilings.

Lesson 11: Windows, Doors and Fireplaces  

What windows do; types and terminology; stationary and movable windows; window treatments and their function; curtains; drapes; door types and functions; door placement; fireplace types and construction.

Lesson 12: Furniture Selection  

Identifying furniture by type; seating; bedding; casepieces; furniture construction; wood and its functions; wood finishes; wood as a design element; upholstered furniture.

Lesson 13: Furniture Styles: Part 1  

Planning for furniture use; sofas; beds; tables; chests; storage furniture; built-ins; Spanish; Early American; Georgian; Queen Anne; Chippendale; Neoclassic; Hepplewhite; Sheraton; Greek Revival; French; Victorian; Rococo.

Lesson 14: Furniture Styles: Part 2  

Contemporary; Modern; European; American; pre- and post-war design; evolution of styles; selecting and mixing styles; wood; metal; synthetics; upholstery; intelligent shopping; care of fine furniture.

Lesson 15: Space Planning and Furniture  

Unifying an interior; room shapes; needs of occupants; beauty and individuality; how room activities and space affect decorating; conversation groups; dining rooms; bedrooms; family rooms; kitchens; wall treatments; storage units; economic considerations.

Lesson 16: Special Considerations In Room Planning  

Interior zoning areas; service, social, and private zones; entertainment and recreation centers; traffic lanes; the front door; entrance halls; living rooms; dining rooms; family rooms; kitchens; bedrooms; bathrooms; children's rooms; utility areas.

Lesson 17: Residential Planning  

Basic decorating goals; floor plan design for function and economy; what makes a well-designed floor plan; planning appliances and utilities; using architectural symbols.

Lesson 18: Accessorizing  

Understanding architectural styles; Spanish; Southwestern; English; European; Victorian; Modern; current trends; home building options; condominiums; apartments; accessories; screens; art; sculpture; mirrors; lamps; plants.

Supplement: Decorators and Careers  

Residential and non-residential careers; professional responsibilities; the decorator-client relationship; preparing for your career search; where the careers are; computer applications; challenges for the future.

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  What You Get

Unlike other online interior decorator courses, the Ashworth College course is 100% self-paced. Study on your terms when and where it fits your schedule. We’ve removed the obstacles so you can move ahead fast!

Carefully selected content ensures our online Interior Decorating classes include a balance of useful theory and practical application. Your tuition covers:

  • Beautifully illustrated interior decorating lesson book
  • Drawing supply kit
  • Online, open-book exams
  • Certified Interior Decorators InternationalOne-year membership in Certified Interior Decorators International ($295 value). Benefits include access to trade discounts, continuing education and more.
  • Online C.I.D. Certification Review Course and
    Entrance Exam ($215 value)
  • Certified Interior Decorator designation when passed

Graduates of our Interior Decorating classes receive a personalized diploma and may attend our annual graduation ceremony. Online interior decorator courses set the stage for success in a creative career where your flair for color, space and design can come alive for a fulfilling future.

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