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Enhance your hobby with our online gunsmith training. Our Gunsmithing school teaches fascinating, hands-on techniques on how to troubleshoot, disassemble, repair and reassemble a variety of firearms. Graduate ready for a career! The course includes a one-year Silver Membership in the Gun Club of America, a unique and widely respected national fraternity for firearm enthusiasts.

  • Prerequisite: None
  • Study Method: Textbooks with Online Exams
  • Program Length: As few as 6 Months

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  What You'll Learn

The online gunsmith training program is comprised of 19 easy-to-follow lessons. Each lesson builds your skills starting with the fundamentals and quickly advances to more challenging, hands-on projects to help you succeed as a gunsmith. You’ll study essential topics such as…

  • Cleaning procedures
  • Semiautomatic shotguns
  • Bolt action rifles
  • Correcting accuracy problems
  • Installing scopes

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Lesson 1: Deciding on a Repair  

Basic inspections; head space checks; dummy cartridges; firing pin indent; stocks; barrel crown; knowing your capabilities and limits; safety precautions.

Lesson 2: Work Area, Special Tools and Supplies  

Your work and storage areas; clamping vise; collimator; crosshair gauges; drill jigs; front sight pusher; head space gauges; broken case remover; plating kits; getting parts; thinking like a gunsmith.

Lesson 3: Hand and Power Tools  

Screwdrivers; loosening and tightening screws; hex wrenches; vises; hammers; mallets; punches; chisels; files; polishing stones; sanders; drill presses; grinding tools; lathes; polishing wheels; checkering tools.

Lesson 4: Routine Maintenance  

The importance of cleaning; solvents; cleaning procedures; strip cleaning; oiling; stocks; de-greasing; cold bluing; routine checks; replacing parts; power cleaning.

Lesson 5: Lever Action Rifles  

The operation cycle; buttstock; lower tang group; locking block; bolt assembly; lever, link, bolt and cartridge carrier; loading gate; carrier spring; magazine and barrel; common Winchester Model '94 problems.

Lesson 6: Semiautomatic Rimfire Rifles  

The operation cycle; stock; action; bolt; handle; action spring; trigger and trigger guard; common problems.

Lesson 7: Pump-Action Shotguns  

The operation cycle; barrel; fore-end unit; magazine; spring; retainer; follower; stock; triggerplate group; carrier group; breechbolt group; shell latches; reassembly and replacement; common problems.

Lesson 8: Semiautomatic Shotguns  

The operation cycle; buttstock; triggerplate assembly; carrier and carrier latch assemblies; action-spring assembly; breechblock assembly; cartridge stop; magazine; common shotgun problems.

Lesson 9: Bolt Action Rifles  

Firing mechanisms; bolt assembly movement; cartridge extraction and ejection; the safety; disassembly; characteristics of common bolt-action models.

Lesson 10: Correcting Accuracy Problems  

Accuracy defined; how actions and ammunition affect accuracy; bedding; fixing the crown; fouling; bore wear; trigger; buttplates; pads; sighting equipment.

Lesson 11: Installing Scopes  

Leveling the mount; removing plug screws; bases and rings; eye relief; aligning crosshairs; screw tightening; bore sighting.

Lesson 12: Bedding the Barrel and Action  

Why bedding is important; stock inletting; barrel and action bedding; fitting and bedding synthetic stocks.

Lesson 13: Triggers  

Safeties and Crowning Barrels. Safety testing the trigger assembly; trigger installation; how safeties work; trigger-pull weight; backlash adjustment; sear engagement; cautions.

Lesson 14: Testing Repairs Safely  

Function testing; "absence of body" test firing; the importance of inspecting; trigger and safety tests; live vs. dummy ammunition; checks and safety precautions.

Lesson 15: Repairing and Refinishing Stocks  

Preparing the stock for bonding repairs; how to clamp; epoxy bonding; pinning for strength; contouring; finishing; restoring the checkering.

Lesson 16: Installing a Recoil Pad  

Two workable approaches; separate shaping with a recoil pad jig; shaping a pad attached to the buttstock.

Lesson 17: Ammunition  

Ammunition and accuracy; shooting groups to gauge accuracy; limitations of factory loads and handloads; maintaining ammunition uniformity; shooting benches and gun rests.

Lesson 18: Single- and Double-Action Revolvers  

Function testing; mechanics of the revolver; disassembly; head space; barrel-to-cylinder gap; timing; cylinder alignment; troubleshooting and basic maintenance; single-action revolver problems; sights.

Lesson 19: Semiautomatic Pistols  

Semiautomatic pistol systems; smoothing for more reliability; adjusting trigger pull; customizing; sights; custom grips; disassembly; troubleshooting; care and maintenance; tuning for high-performance ammunition.

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  What You Get

Complete our Gunsmithing school lessons on your terms. Start on your schedule, study on your terms and move ahead quickly. We’ve removed the obstacles so that you can easily succeed. Your tuition covers:

  • Comprehensive textbook and study guides
  • Open-book, online exams
  • Brownell’s Supply Catalog
  • Dedicated academic support and tutoring
  • Career search and time management guides
  • Participation in the Student Community
  • Gun Club of AmericaCareer Services powered by CareerBuilder®
  • One-year Silver Membership in the Gun Club of America ($360 value). Benefits include a bi-monthly shooting magazine and Guntech, a two hour, monthly DVD magazine that provides valuable information for the gunsmith and the gun enthusiast alike.

At graduation you’ll receive a personalized diploma and you may attend our annual graduation ceremony. It’s an important step toward achieving your career goals.

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We’ve cleared the way. Start your gunsmith training today. Speak with an Admissions Advisor at 1-800-957-5412 or enroll online now.