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Accounting Training Online

Career Diploma in
Basic Accounting

Make your talent for numbers work for you in our Basic Accounting training online. We’ll help you learn the vital information you’ll need to begin working in the accounting field, including how to debit and credit accounts, handle payroll and analyze financial statements.

  • Prerequisite: None
  • Study Method: Textbooks with Online Exams
  • Program Length: As few as 6 Months

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  What You'll Learn

The online accounting training course is comprised of 22 lessons. Each lesson introduces a fundamental skill set followed by in-depth instruction in how you can apply it in the real world. Challenging practice exercises help reinforce key concepts such as…

  • Analyzing business transactions
  • Accounting for purchases and accounts payable
  • Payroll
  • Accounting for corporations
  • Managerial accounting

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Lesson 1: Accounting: The Language of Business  

Basic accounting concepts and terms; accounting career opportunities; Generally Accepted Accounting Principles; ethics.

Lesson 2: Analyzing Business Transactions  

Recording the financial effects of a business's transactions; Assets, liabilities, and owner equity accounts; Evaluating the relationship between accounts in equation form.

Lesson 3: Analyzing Business Transactions Using T Accounts  

Setting up T-accounts for assets, liabilities, and owner's equity; Trial Balance; Preparing income statements, statement of owner's equity, and balance sheets; Developing a chart of accounts.

Lesson 4: The General Journal and the General Ledger  

General Journal; Journalizing; Deferred revenues and expenses; Role of the income statement; General Ledger.

Lesson 5: Adjustments and the Worksheet  

Preparing worksheets; Adjustments for unrecorded business transactions; Utilizing the completed worksheet to prepare an income statement, statement of owner's equity, and a balance sheet for a business.

Lesson 6: Closing Entries and the Postclosing Trial Balance  

The closing process; Preparing the post-closing trial balance; Interpreting financial statements.

Lesson 7: Sales, Accounts Receivable, and Uncollectible Accounts  

The recording and reporting for sales transactions; the reporting of accounts receivable based on collectability.

Lesson 8: Accounting for Purchases and Accounts Payable  

The recording of purchase transactions; Net delivered cost of purchases; Understanding credit terms; Analyzing and recording transactions for returns and allowances.

Lesson 9: Cash Receipts, Cash Payments, and Banking Procedures  

Accounting for cash; Identifying various types of cash transactions; Guidelines/internal measures for controlling cash receipts and disbursements.

Lesson 10: Payroll  

Computing, recording, and processing of employee compensation and employers' payroll taxes; Payroll computations; Laws/regulations; Reporting.

Lesson 11: Accruals, Deferrals, the Worksheet, Financial Statements, and Closing Procedures  

End-of-period adjustments; Preparing financial statements; Closing the books.

Lesson 12: Accounting Principles and Reporting Standards, and Notes Payable and Notes Receivable  

Fundamental concepts of U.S. GAAP; The Financial Accounting Standards Board; The International Accounting Standards Board; Accounting for notes.

Lesson 13: Merchandise Inventory  

Accounting for inventory; Inventory costing; The Lower of Cost or Market method.

Lesson 14: Property, Plant, and Equipment  

Accounting issues involved in recording and reporting the "life cycle" of non-current operational assets; Depreciation; Procedures for acquiring and accounting for natural resources.

Lesson 15: Accounting for Corporations  

Accounting issues for partnerships and corporations; Common stock, preferred stock, and treasury stock; Recording stock transactions; Reporting earnings and equity.

Lesson 16: Accounting for Corporate Bonds  

Accounting for bonds from issuance through redemption; Bond issuance procedures; Bond retirement process; Use of notes payable as a financing option for corporations.

Lesson 17: Corporate Financial Statement Analysis  

Basic tools of financial statement analysis; Vertical analysis procedures; Calculating financial statement ratios.

Lesson 18: Statement of Cash Flows  

Understanding and preparing the statement of cash flows; Distinguishing cash flows from operations, investments, and financing.

Lesson 19: Managerial Accounting  

Purpose and nature of managerial accounting; Use of profit and cost centers; Preparing departmental financial statements.

Lesson 20: Job Order Cost Accounting  

Job order costing and process costing; Reports and documents relating to job order cost systems; Process inventory in process cost accounting.

Lesson 21: Flexible Budgets and Standard Costs  

Planning for, measuring, and controlling costs through budgets, standard costs, and cost variance; Preparing a fixed budget.

Lesson 22: Cost-Revenue Analysis  

Compiling data to give managers relevant decision-making information; Measuring cost behaviors; Using a break-even analysis; Cost-volume-profit analysis; Cost-revenue analysis.

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  What You Get

Complete our accounting training online on your terms. Start on your schedule, study at your own pace and get personal guidance as you need it. We’ve removed the obstacles so you can move ahead fast and finish in as fast as 6 months!

Carefully selected online accounting course content ensures a balance of integral theoretical concepts and practical application. Your tuition covers:

  • Comprehensive accounting textbook and study guides
  • Accounting working papers in three volumes
  • Online, open-book exams
  • Dedicated academic support and tutoring
  • Participation in the Student Community
  • Career Services powered by CareerBuilder®

Graduates of our online accounting course receive a personalized diploma and may attend our annual graduation ceremony. You will be proud knowing your Career Diploma in Basic Accounting is awarded by a nationally accredited college, and employers will respect your commitment to professional success.

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