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You may be new to online learning. In fact, most Ashworth College students have never taken an online course before. To see how it works, click on the online course demo below. You’ll find that our career diploma, certificate and degree courses are convenient,filled with engaging content, and easy to access. Experience online learning yourself and discover the relaxed pace of quality of education at Ashworth College.

Our Graduates Have Positive Outcomes

Ashworth College Gets High Grades From Graduates

Ashworth College aims to prepare students for successful careers and greater satisfaction in their future endeavors. Based on recent surveys, we are achieving these aims daily. Your career diploma, certificate or degree will help you succeed in the real world. Online education works!

Ashworth Grads Reach Their Goals

"I achieved or will achieve the goals I had when I started this program." 91.2%
"I am satisfied with the studies I received."   91.8%
"I would recommend these studies to a friend." 90.1%

Source: Survey of Ashworth College Career Program Graduates

Ashworth Grads Are Ready For Work

  • 77% of academic leaders rate the learning outcomes for online education as the same or superior to those for face-to-face methods.*
  • A recent poll of human resource managers showed that 79% of organizations have hired job applicants with online degrees in the last 12 months.**
  • 55% of human resources managers said that if two applicants with the same level of experience applied for a job, whether the job candidate’s degree was earned online or at a brick-and-mortar university would not make a difference.**

*Source: 2013 Survey of Online Learning, Babson Survey Research Group
** Source: Hiring Practices and Attitudes: Traditional vs. Online Degree Credentials, Society for Human Resource Management

Online Training Program Options

Meet Your Career & Education Goals

Our online training program options were developed to address the career goals of working students. Each online course is designed to meet a variety of needs such as career advancement, income growth or life-long learning, for instance. No matter your individual need, Ashworth College is committed to providing you with quality, affordable learning options.

Ashworth College Online Course Offerings

Career Diploma

These programs provide comprehensive preparation for students seeking to start a new career or improve skills acquired in a current occupation. Credits of specific career courses may transfer into a handful of associate degree programs such as Accounting, Paralegal or Marketing.
Prerequisite: None

Career Certificate

Students seeking more pointed career skills may take advantage of our career certificate courses. These programs are designed to introduce specific knowledge that could improve work performance and upward mobility. Ashworth College career certificate programs include Civil Litigation, Medical Billing and Real Estate Law. Ashworth also offers a handful of career courses which offer trade certification opportunities at the culmination of study.
Prerequisite: None

Undergraduate Certificate

These 5-course certificate programs are made up of 15 credit hours equaling a single semester of college coursework. Students take 1 or more required courses and up to 4 elective courses. Credits earned in these online courses transfer to Ashworth College associate degree programs.
Prerequisite: High School Diploma or GED

Associate Degree

In our 4 semester associate programs, students complete 60 credit hours of coursework. Students study liberal arts and elective courses that provide fundamental knowledge of a specific area of study. Credits earned in these online courses transfer to Ashworth College bachelor's degree programs.
Prerequisite for each: High School Diploma or GED

  • Associate of Science

    Programs that are designated as Associate of Science degrees are designed for students considering continuing to a 4-year or bachelor program.

  • Associate of Applied Science

    Programs that are designated as Associate of Applied Science degrees are designed for students planning to go directly into the workforce or currently working within a job sector.

  • Associate of Arts

    Programs that are designated as Associate of Arts degrees provide a foundation in liberal arts courses. Students gain skills that are relevant to a variety of vocations. Associate of Arts degrees may transfer to a 4-year bachelor program in the arts or sciences.

Bachelor's Degree

Our 8-semester bachelor programs provide students strong learning principles of liberal arts and elective courses. Students with no college experience will complete 120 credits of study. Students transferring to Ashworth College with previous bachelor's courses may have credits to complete.
Prerequisite: High School Diploma, GED or Associate Degree

Graduate Certificate

These 5-course programs are designed to provide students currently holding an undergraduate degree with a bridge to graduate level education. Students take 1 required course and 4 elective courses. Credits earned in these courses transfer to Ashworth College master's degree programs.
Prerequisite: Bachelor's Degree

Master's Degree

In our 3 semester master's programs, students complete 36 credit hours of coursework. Courses of study are related to a specific graduate track and are outlined as follows.
Prerequisite for each: Bachelor's Degree

  • Master of Business Administration – MBA

    Our MBA curricula cover advanced concepts, research and applications in functional areas of business. This program is designed to prepare graduates for managerial-level roles in a variety of businesses.

  • Master of Science

    Our MS curricula cover research, applications and advanced concepts. This program is designed to prepare graduates with discipline-specific knowledge and expertise to enter management in various industries.

Online Education

A Smarter Way to Learn

We developed our online education programs to meet the needs of busy adults like you. Accredited online education is accessible and accommodates adult learning styles in ways that you won’t find at many brick-and-mortar institutions. The learning experience at Ashworth College makes it easy for you to achieve success in work and in life.

  • Our Career Training and College Programs Are Affordable

    Our low overhead assures you of affordable tuition. You’ll never pay a penny in interest or finance charges and you choose a monthly payment plan that fits your budget. In fact, many of our programs are priced up to 80% less than what you’d pay at other schools!

  • Our Flexible Online Learning Approach Is Convenient

    Our flexible online learning approach allows you to complete your program at your own comfortable pace. There’s no need to shuffle your busy schedule of work, social activities and family time, because you study when and where you’re at your best.

  • Our Programs Teach Practical Skills

    No matter which online education program you prefer – whether you want to earn a career diploma, certificate or degree – you can look forward to acquiring practical skills you can apply in your current job, in a new career or home-based business.

Discover Online Education on your Terms

Ashworth College gives you a smarter way to learn. Discover how easy it is to enroll – and start today! Speak with an Admissions Advisor at 1-800-957-5412 or enroll now now.

Learning Experience

Discover Quality Education on Your Terms

Our online learning experience is engaging, supportive, convenient and career-relevant. You get an excellent education on your terms, with a flexible learning experience online that lets you study and take tests at your own pace. If you are reaching for a better job opportunity, higher income or career advancement, it's the ideal way to get there.

Enroll, Start and Study Any Time

Enroll any day of the year. Pace yourself as you learn independently on a schedule that fits with your family, your work and your leisure time. There are no group projects, no deadlines, no pressures.

Get Easy Access To Your Course

Log on to your personal Student Portal from any computer. This is where you access your lessons, upload assignments, take exams, check your grades and account status and request support services. Your online learning experience begins with Orientation videos that introduce you to the many features of the Student Portal, with the option to sign up for weekly live Orientation sessions to improve your progress. Degree students will take an Orientation course online.

Submit Your Transcript

If you have previous college credits you'd like to apply toward your associate, bachelor's or master' degree, send your transcripts to us within 90 days of enrollment so we can evaluate them and grant eligible transfer credits.

Progress Quickly

Study guides with step-by-step instructions, review exercises, practice questions and supplemental readings enhance your understanding of key concepts found in your textbook, eBook (online textbook) or other key learning materials. Master each lesson and move on to the next without delay. For courses with multiple books and printed study guides, you'll receive shipments timed to coincide with your progress.

Make The Grade

You'll finish each lesson with an open-book, open-notes online exam. Take the practice test first to check your knowledge; then you'll get a second chance to submit your final answers. We post your grades immediately in your Student Portal. College degree program courses conclude with a final proctored exam.

Get Expert Academic Support

While you study independently, you are never alone. Our Academic Advisors provide personal tutoring and our Student Service advisors are ready to handle administrative and account concerns from day one to graduation. During your online learning experience, you are encouraged to stay active in our Ashworth College Student Community where you can ask questions of course instructors, join course discussion groups and connect with classmates 24/7.

Enjoy a quality online learning experience and an education on your terms! Speak with an Admissions Advisor at 1-800-957-5412 or enroll online now!

See all Career & Online College Degree Programs


Enrich your career skills with specialized training in the career of your dreams. Graduate in as few as six months.

Professional Certifications

Take a certification prep course and graduate ready to earn a professional certificate from one of our respected industry partners.


Enhance your career knowledge in a focused area of expertise in as few as three months, laying the foundation for further education.

Undergraduate Certificates

Learn specialized career skills in a few short weeks. Transfer to a degree program to continue your education.

Associate Degrees

Our four semester online Associate Degree programs place you on a path to today’s most lucrative occupations.


Earn your Associate Degree even faster. Complete your first 3 semesters and your 4th and final semester is at no cost. Details.

Bachelor's Degrees

Transfer your Associate Degree credits into one of our eight semester programs and progress up the career ladder.

Master's Degrees

Our online Master’s Degree puts you three semesters away from achieving this sought-after educational milestone.

Graduate Certificates

Explore a focused career field in depth. A Graduate Certificate sets the stage for a new career or advancement.

James Madison High School

Our regionally and nationally accredited online curriculum lets you earn a high school diploma online in the privacy of home. Simply start where you left off in the 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade, taking only the courses you need to graduate.

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